Apna Time Bhi Aayega 3rd March 2021 Written Update

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 3rd March 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 3rd March 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Rani comes to Jai and says so you’re behind all this. You won’t ever change. Rani says you trapped Nandini in this game? Return the money or I will call the police. He laughs. He says you’re asking me for money? This is beyond your worth. He throws coins at her and says this is your worth. You can get more. Go now. Rani slaps him. He shoves her. rani falls down. He says this is where you belong in our feet. Don’t even dare to come to the height we are on.

Scene 2
Veer says where is Rani? Her phone is off again. I hope she’s not in a trouble. Rani comes in. Veer says are you okay? Her foot hurts. He says show me.. How did this happen? He massages her foot. Rani recalls what happened. Veer says tell me how did this happen? She says I slipped. He says slipping doesn’t sprain from the back of his foot. It happens when someone forces you. Veer does spray on her foot. Veer says you asked for time and I did. Now you have to tell me what is it. The problem is out of your control now. Does it feel better? Rani says yes. He says tell me now. When we were speaking about money, is that the reason? Who stole the money? Don’t hide anything from me. Rani says in the heart it’s his right to know before Jai does something wrong to Nandini. He can trap her. Veer says I will keep sitting here. Please tell me who was it? Who took the money? Rani says Nandini. Veer is shocked. Veer says what? Rani tells him everything. Veer gets angry. He says how dare he.

Scene 3
Jai is singing on his way back home. Veer hits his car. Jai comes out of his car. Veer beats Jai. Rani is also with Veer. Veer says I want to bury you in the same road. Veer beats Jai and says you will manipulate my sister? Hurt my family? Hit my wife? He keeps hitting Jai and says you thought I won’t do anything? Jai gets injured. Veer shoves him in Rani’s feet and says apologize. He says I am sorry. Veer says where is the money? Jai says I don’t have it. Veer slaps him and takes the oney from his car. Veer and Rani leave.

Rani looks at Veer on the way back and smiles. She recalls him saying he trusts Rani. She recalls he took her side. Veer says thank you for what you did for Nandini? You went to fight with Jai. Rani says how dare he try to scam my family. You did amazing. You’re doing so much for my dad. Rani sees samosay on the way. She says wow samosay. Veer says they’re unhygenic. We will go home and eat healthily. Rani says okay.. He stops the car. Rani says what hapepend? he says what do you want to eat? Rani says samosa? He says I didn’t say it but now when you’re saying I also want to eat. Rani says what? You will eat samosa? He says I can try. She says what about health? He says sometimes the taste is better than health. She gets excited and runs out.

Scene 4
Vikram sees Kiara’s missed calls. She comes in. Kiara says how irresponibsle. I called nad you ignored me. He says what do you want? Don’t be overdramtic. We had a fake marriage, don’t question me like a real wife. We have a lot of problems. My priority is my family. Kiara asks what happened? He says bhabhi sa.. He says who are you? why should I tell you? Why are you here? She says that pandit ji called. He has posted the marriage certificate. Vikram is shocked. She says if anyone gets it would be a huge problem. He says oh God. She says you have to find a solution. Vikram sas listen.. I will handle it. Nothing like that would happen.

Rani enjoys samosas with Veer. He looks at her being all excited. Rani says whenever babu ji would come back, we would eat samosa. Veer tries to speak like her. He says our Jaipur’s samosas are better. We will bring your dad here, he should know how good our samosas are. Rani laughs. Veer speaks like her. Rani smiles. They enjoy the samossa together. VEer says in heart I will get your dad out. I will keep you very happy till then.

Episode ends.

Precap: Kiara tells Rajeshwari that Nandini stole money for Jai. Veer and Rani controlled everything so well. In end, they have to control everything in future. Rajeshwari slaps Nandini and drags her in front of everyone. She says, today you broke trust.

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