Apna Time Bhi Aayega 8th June 2021 Written Update

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 8th June 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 8th June 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Rani says you want to end a relationship made by hearts on paper? So when you miss me you will see this paper and hate me? She says I will write what name should I use? Rani or Rani Veer Singh? Am I still your wife? Veer says do whatever you want but fast. Rani cries and says please tell me what happened. Please tell m what’s inside you. I cut my heart open to you. What’s going on with you? He says I don’t know who to trust. My brain and heart are saying different things. Rani says tell me what it is. We will solve it. Please tell me. Veer says you are in my heart. He recalls everything. Veer says what I saw my trust is broken. I have so many questions. Rani says ask them. Talk to me. Tell me what it is? Veer says what’s the relationship between you and Birju? Rani is shocked. She leaves his shirt. Veer says please tell you’re both just griends. Rani looks at him in shcok. Veer says I want to trust you but you have to clarify once. I will never question you again. Tell me what do you both have? Just friendship? Rani says we have a relation. Veer is shocked. Rani says we have something special. It’s purer than our relationship. I came here to ask the reason but your one question answer all my questions. You wanted me to leave right? You can stay with this confusion. I am leaving. I can live this journey alone. I was independent before meeting and I still am. I am leaving. Stay happy with your house, name, and money. Good bye.

Rani walks away and recalls what Veer asked. Veer is in tears. Rani leaves. Rajeshwari looks at them and says the distance will only grow. Veer and Rani’s marriage is over.

Scene 2
Rani comes to the room crying. She takes off her ring and cries. Birju says what happened? Who made you cry? Rani cries and says I want to go back. I don’t wanna stay here. Will you take me back? He says yes. Pack your bags. We will leave right now.

Kiara says why are you questioning me? Ask Veer. Vikram says I am not scared of anyone. She says are you proving your right on me? So you will force it to make me yours? Vikram says yes I want to me. He says I really like you. But right now I am only thinking about Rani and Veer. Their marriage is at stake so please go away from their lives. Kiara says Rani is leaving herself. Vikram sees Rani leaving. Vikram stops Rani. He says where are you going? Rani says going back to Baliya. He says what? Give me some time I will fix everything. I will prove Veer and Kiara aren’t married. Rani says I don’t wanna live here myself. Rani says my relationship is shattering and I can’t see that happen. Vikram says we can fix it. Rani says once respect and trust are gone you can’t mend that relationship. Vikram says what are you saying? She says yes. Veer doesn’t respect or trust me. Our relationship is over. He says give me some time. I will fix it.

Scene 3
Veer recalls what Rani said. Vikram comes to him and says what did you say to Rani that she’s leaving this house? Veer says it is between me and Rani. Vikram says can’t you understand what I am saying? Veer says what? Vikram says you can hit me but stop her. Veer says if she wants to go she can. Our relationship is over. I have no place for her in my life and this house. Vikram says I know what to do.

Birju and Rani are outside. Birju looks for taxis. Rajeshwari sa time to go finally. Birju says taxi is here. Let’s go. Vikram says bhabhi sa.. He has his bags. Rani says what is this? He says I am your BIL. I will also go with you. It’s my job. I won’t stay at a place where you’re not respected. Rani says but your family is here. Vikram says you’re also my family.

Veer stands in the shower and recalls what happened. He sits down crying and says just go. He shouts.

Episode ends.

Precap-Someone knocks the door. Veer opens. it’s Rani and Birju in a wedding dress. Veer says this is what you always wanted right? Why did you fool me? He shouts. Rani smiles.

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