Appnapan – Badalte Rishton Ka Bandhan 17th November 2022 Written Update

Appnapan – Badalte Rishton Ka Bandhan 17th November 2022 Written Update by Sona

Appnapan – Badalte Rishton Ka Bandhan 17th November 2022 Written Episode

Barkha is looking at the video, Manna and Gagan both greet her and Manna explains she started making a lot of stories so Mom made papa work for her, Gagan suggests if they should all go to a family dinner as a family and it will be a lot of fun, Barkha sees the message of Ishan, Manna suggests if they should all play a game since there is still time for dinner, Gagan leaves mentioning he wants to sleep so they both should play, Manna asks Barkha what has happened who agrees to play ludo, Manna leaves saying she will come back after a while.

Nikhil plays the song, he starts dancing with Pallavi and they both enjoy a lot when he starts swinging her so she exclaims that she is getting dizzy, he replies he is trying to be romantic while she is just spoiling the mood, Pallavi requests him to not try and spoil her, she hugging him explains this is her house and family which means the most to her, Nikhil mentions he truly loves her so she must never forget it.

Nikhil and Pallavi bring the dishes in the café, they start serving it one by one to Manna, then Barkha and finally harsh, Gagan asks where is his special dish, Nikhil replies he has the whole sky named after him so how can he fit in a dish, Pallavi serves the grilled sandwich to harsh, Manna suggests if they should make it special since this is the first dinner as a family, Badal thanks them all for this special night, Pallavi questions the reason, he explains he got to have such nice siblings and loving parents, Pallavi replies he is just her life and even if some relations tend to suffer the problems they only become stronger, Pallavi mentions that he has understood her pain the most proving he is her son, Nikhil says Badal is also his son, he assures they are ready to give him as much time as he needs but he must rest assured as they are all with them, Nikhil informs everyone else how they must know the membership of this family is for lifetime. Gagan questions when it would be his turn since he doesnot even have a dish to his name, Nikhil says he indeed came to Faridabad for Gagan so now it is the turn of Badal.

Harsh asks when it would be his turn, Pallavi mentions she is the one to say this so will he not forgive his mother, Harsh stands up to hug Pallavi thanking her, he starts crying while they all clap for them. Manna suggests they should have a family hug which they enjoy.

Manna while eating explains they should just have a game, she explains they should tell the secrets of one another which they know about, Barkha reveals the sequence. Manna asks Harsh if she should tell the secret about Harsh bhai, they all are very eager to hear it, Manna says she would tell about the girl in Manhattan, she informs a girl there was a serious stalker who refused to stay away, so Harsh bhai made an excuse. Harsh however is not ready to tell but when they all force him, he agrees on the condition they would not laugh, Harsh reveals he told her he still wets his bed and even needs to hear a song before sleeping, Nikhil agrees saying he is his son, Pallavi explains just how she said like father like son. Manna tells Harsh it was a not a good excuse. Gagan replies but this would not work in Meruit and will just cause a lot of embarrassment. Pallavi questions Gagan but Nikhil replies he would say when it is his turn.

Nikhil asks Manna to tell her secret, but she replies she doesnot have any when Barkha asks if she could ask her a question, she asks if Manna has any feelings for Ishan and does she love him. Manna leaves replying there are no feelings, Badal questions why she asked such a question as it spoiled the mood, Barkha says it was very important to sort this matter. Pallavi tries to go and talk with Manna, but Barkha stops her saying they both can sort out this matter. Nikhil agrees since they are now adults, Pallavi is worried if there is some problem between them both because of this issue.

Manna suggests Barkha they should talk but it might not be possible here, Barkha questions does she want to talk about if there is any relation between Ishan and Manna, Barkha says she thought Manna would come and inform her about anything, but she instead apologized, Barkha questions if she is lying but Manna replies they were just some feelings between them both, Barkha asks if he doesnot come to their house because he loves her and meets her using Barkha as an example, Manna accepts that she also loves Ishan and doesnot know when the feeling started but she doesnot want to make it go any further as it would harm the feelings of Barkha.

Badal tries to call Manna but even she is not answering his call, he sees the property papers on the floor and so is stunned to see his name there, he asks Nikhil why is he transferring the café to his name when there are still Harsh Bhai, Gagan and Barkha di before him, Nikhil assures Badal is really passionate about his work so must follow his dreams, Harsh questions Nikhil if he is actually giving the café to Badal so did not even think of consulting them before, Harsh is really tensed as they were revealing their secrets.

Barkha turns to see Ishan standing behind her, she asks if this is what they both wanted to hear but Manna reveals that they are here to talk about Barkha however she replies she is not that young and can decide because she knows her elder sister loves her ex fiance, so she knows that sometime the younger siblings have to sacrifice for the elders, she places the hand of Manna on that of Ishan.

Ishan kneels proposing to Manna asking if she would like to stand beside him in the life till the very end.
Badal says Harsh Bhai is right since he is the eldest then Nikhil should have discussed it with him, Harsh taking the file says Badal is right as he is not the blood of the Jay Singh family. Harsh asks if Nikhil knows who is the most mature from all of them and is good at his job, he with a smile reveals it is Badal so only he deserves the café. Harsh says he would reveal a secret which he did not say to anyone, harsh mentions he is jealous of Badal because he saw how focused Badal was, he knows Dad is really a good chef who is focused but he was not able to be focused like his father only Badal has done it with utmost intent, he feels even Mom is talented.

Badal hugs Nikhil and thanking him and even thanks Harsh, he asks if he is jealous of him, but Badal replies he is thanking because Harsh made him be confident in himself, Nikhil explains they do not cry like this so suggests Badal should run this café not with the family’s name but through his own hard work, he is sure Badal will be able to open the branches all over the country.

Harsh mentions he had stayed away from them all for so long, he found out what a family is only after coming back because they all fight a lot together but if anyone utters even a single word against Maa, they fight for her, so this is what a family is supposed to be about, they care for each other even after all the quarrels. Harsh accepts he learned the most from his youngest brother, they both hug each other when Nikhil replies Harsh has not even hugged him like this, Harsh also hugs Nikhil.

Precap: Manna hesitantly reveals she and Ishan are with each other, Ishan says they love each other. Nikhil questions what he just said but Ishan gets scared, Pallavi advises him to be calm however Nikhil says he is talking with him, he once again asks Ishan to say it to his face, Ishan replies he loves his (Nikhil’s) daughter.

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