Appnapan – Badalte Rishton Ka Bandhan 29th June 2022 Written Update

Appnapan – Badalte Rishton Ka Bandhan 29th June 2022 Written Update by Amena

Appnapan – Badalte Rishton Ka Bandhan 29th June 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pallavi sadly coming home. The neighbor ladies come there to ask about Gagan. Maa asks them to come. Barkha asks where is Gagan, I knew it, you can’t get him. Pallavi says I will get the best lawyer and help him, why did you change your decision of marrying Ishaan. Barkha taunts her. She says you broke the marriage with dad, and ruined our lives, don’t question me, I learnt breaking relations from you, Gagan and I have problems because of you, Badal is left. Badal defends Pallavi. Maa asks did Nick file the complaint against Gagan. Nick gives the cheque to Harsh and asks him to take the complaint back. Harsh tears the cheque. He says they will return the money. Nick asks how will they arrange it. Harsh says you both divided the kids, I m sure she will manage, I want her to suffer. Nick says we were helpless. Harsh says it was like a business deal to divide the kids, I don’t like the noise here, send my dinner to the room. Nick says you knew that Harsh is coming to India. Bua says no, I m also shocked. He goes. Pallavi counts the money. Ranveer says we will think of something. She says don’t know Gagan had some food or not, we will have the lawyer. He says these savings aren’t enough to give lawyer’s fees. She asks him to sell her share in the restaurant. She says find a buyer, that money will be enough for the lawyer. He asks her to have water. He says listen to me well. She asks about buyer. He says you have made this restaurant, you can’t sell your stake. She says get the best lawyer, sell my share, keep this money.

She meets the lawyer. Ranveer tries to find a buyer. Badal sees a boy selling the exam papers in the school. Lawyer asks Pallavi to make the payment. Pallavi says give me some time. He says take as much time as you want, but talk after arranging the money. Harsh says there is no place to visit. Manna says you won’t get New York in Meerut. He says you are still drinking. She says you lied that Gagan had stolen the money, why. He says Pallavi is the reason for all this.

He says I will never forgive Pallavi, this is my way to take revenge. Ishaan comes home and meets Barkha. He says we can find a solution ourselves, don’t you value my feelings. She asks him to go, she will sort all the problems. Pallavi comes home. She asks Barkha to talk to him. Ishaan leaves.

Pallavi looks for jewellery. Maa says you had sold the chain to pay Badal’s fees. Maa asks her to have food, she can’t see her in pain. Pallavi sits crying. Maa says you are already doing a lot. Its morning, Pallavi cleans the lawn. She sees Manna and worries. Manna says I wanted to meet you. Pallavi asks her not to drink much. Pallavi asks Manna to come inside and talk. Manna says Gagan didn’t steal, it was Harsh’s plan to blame him, because he wanted to see you in pain. Pallavi thanks her. Manna goes.

She says Harsh shouldn’t face any problem. Pallavi says the one who did wrong should bear the outcome. She reaches the police station. Inspector says I will call Harsh, its good that case will get shut, sign on the statement. She says I didn’t get the money, Gagan didn’t steal the money, I have stolen it. Gagan shouts to stop her. Pallavi says Gagan is my son, so he got trapped. Inspector asks what are you saying. She says arrest me, leave him. He asks her to go home and come when she arranges money. She shouts on him. Lalita comes and stops Pallavi. Pallavi says leave my son, he is innocent, arrest me. Inspector says we can’t do this. Lalita takes Pallavi with her. She says this is not the way to help Gagan. Pallavi says there is no option, Gagan might get saved but my other son will be in trouble, manna said Harsh planned this, I can’t risk Harsh’s future, I can at least save my kids.

Pallavi says I will save you Gagan. She shouts on the staff.

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