Ayushman Bhav 20th December 2017 Written Update

Ayushman Bhav 20th December 2017 Written Update by Amena

Ayushman Bhav 20th December 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kavya thanking Vikrant for all the gifts. She says thanks for this surprise, I can’t believe you really did this. He smiles. She says I can’t believe you named this house to Kaushalya. He gets shocked and sees the papers. Krish smiles. Kavya says you did such a good thing. Vikrant says I can cross any limit for your happiness. She says I m super excited, I can’t express my happiness, Kaushalya will come to stay with us, we will celebrate. She goes. Maai says I told you, you are getting a big problem home, go and tell Kavya that the sign is not yours. Kavya gives the good news to everyone. Sudhir gets shocked. Krish shows the papers.

Kavya goes to get sweets. Sudhir asks Bubbly not to cry always. Vikrant catches Krish and asks how dare you cheat me, you forged

my signs, I will send you to jail, this time I won’t think of Kavya. Krish says I didn’t forge your signs, Sudhir made you sign the papers. Vikrant gets angry on Sudhir. Sudhir recalls Krish colliding with him and says Krish has done this. Vikrant says you are being foolish since many years, you have done this mistake, get lost. Sudhir goes. Vikrant threatens Krish.
Krish says go and find a roof for yourself. Kavya comes and asks is everything fine. Krish says yes, we were celebrating. He feeds sweets to everyone. Kaushalya prays for Krish’s happiness. She thanks Lord for making good win over evil. She says punish those sinners for their crimes.

Vikrant comes to Maai. She asks how can you make such a big mistake. He says Krish cheated me, he has married Kavya. She says just see how I ruin Krish’s life. Sudhir gets worried thinking of Bubbly’s mistake. He says you have torn all the clothes. She says yes, Vikrant didn’t gave us anything, why did he give the house to Kaushalya. She irritates him. He asks her to stop her nonsense. She cries again. He consoles her. Krish gets Kaushalya’s luggage and says she has become the owner of this house now.

Maai says there is no room free in this house, where will she stay, she should go to her old place. Krish says there is a room, Vikrant’s dream room, Kaushalya can stay there. Sudhir says Maai is right, why do you want to trouble him. Krish says I made the workers complete the work, that room is ready now. Kavya says perfect. Vikrant hugs her and says she is right, I have no problem, anything for her. Krish asks him to give the keys to Kaushalya. Kavya says you can give it to me, I will give her. Vikrant gives the keys. Krish asks servants to take the luggage to the room.

Sudhir says we have to talk to Vikrant and kill Krish. Vikrant scolds Sudhir and Samaira.

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