Baarish 15th April 2020 Written Update

Baarish 15th April 2020 Written Update by MA

Baarish 15th April 2020 Written Episode

Gauravi panics when she hears police arresting him. She informs family and asks Aniket to do something. In police station, Anuj informs inspector there must be some misunderstanding as he never does business illegally. Inspector says everyone says same. Anuj says it is his brother Rishi’s business. Inspector says without any proof, Anuj has to be in jail. Rishi heads towards airport and over phone informs Falguni that he is going to London and Shreya will join him at airport, he thanks her for giving this idea. She asks him to switch off his phone once he Sohrab meets Anuj in jail and consoles him. Anuj says his mother must be alone and she had heart attack once already. Gauravi with Aniket enters and says her mother is with his mother and he need not worry, she assures him that she will get him out on bail via Aniket’s contacts. After sometime, Sohrab and Aniket bring lawyer and bail him out. He says they need to inform Gauravi about. Sohrab says let us go from here first.

After reaching home, Anuj asks about Gauravi. Gauravi’s mother nervously says she is at home. Anuj asks about Rishi and watches news about Rishi putting all blame on Anuj and washing his hands off. He shatters watching this. Mother informs him that Gauravi took blame on herself and bailed him out by going to jail instead of him. Sohrab reminisces Gauravi saying only way to get Anuj out of jail is to take blame on herself as she was hotel’s 50% partner. Anuj feels more shocked and drives car towards jail reminiscing making Gauravi hotel’s 50% partner with a long flashback.

Gauravi asks lawyer what would he say now. Anuj reaches police station. Gauravi says the person who sent lawyer to convince her came. Lawyer informs Anuj that Gauravi understood that Anuj sent him and asks him to decide if Anuj’s love or Gauravi’s adamancy wins. Anuj holds Gauravi’s hand and cries. He calls Sohrab and asks him to use all his resources and bail out Gauravi at any cost. Sohrab informs him that Shreya and Rishi transferred all the wealth into their names and didn’t leave anything fro Anuj. Anuj more emotionally hugs Gauravi. Serial’s title track runs in the background while Gauravi gets back into her jail cell and looks at Anuj.

Precap: No precap.

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    I mean end of this series.

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    April 17, 00:57 Reply

    Is this the of this series.

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