Baarish 1st April 2020 Written Update

Baarish 1st April 2020 Written Update by MA

Baarish 1st April 2020 Written Episode

Asmi excitedly opens door for Aniket when he returns from work and says surprise… He is surprised to see Shreya in sari. Sari hugs him saying its her post-marriage looks. Aniket feels shy. She says she was missing his deo smell. Papa comments its talcum powder smell. Gauravi enters next, and Shreya asks if she said yes to mota bhai/Anuj. Gauravi nods no. Shreya angrily walks away. Anuj’s mother asks her if he really said no to Gauravi. He says yes and says he has arranged family day party for all his employees. Asmi asks Gauravi how can she say no to her boss/Anuj. Mother warns her to behave with elder sister. Aniket comments that Asmi is just worried to increase her instagram’s fan following. Gauravi asks Aniket if he can stay without Shreya. He says forget about her. Rishi tells Shreya that good she is not marrying gold digger Anuj, he will find her boys of their class. Anuj joins them, and Shreya leaves. Rishi says he was explaining Shreya not to marry gold digger Anuj. Anuj says they are good people and not greedy. Rishi says they will not show their true colors so soon. Gauravi calls Anuj and asks if Shreya is fine now. He says yes and personally invites her for company’s family day celebration.

Party starts. Anuj eagerly waits for Gauravi and her family. He describes his old client how he used to deliver goods riding bicycle during initial days of his business and used to enjoy vada pav, today he felt same after having vada pav. Mother asks whom did he go with as he never has anything alone. He smiles remembering Gauravi. Gauravi with family enters and Anuj seeing her walks to them and greets them, orders waiter to take care of them well. Father seeing bar walks towards it. Asmi waves at Shreya seeing her, but Shreya ignores her rudely. Party continues. Mother goes on stage and asks her children to speak a few words. Rishi as usual thanks his high profile clients while Anuj in simple words thanks all his employees for their hard work and gives them credit for the success of company calling them as his family. Everyone clap for him. Zenia and Sohrab enter and insist Anuj to introduce them to Gauravi. He says she is busy with her family, but when Zenia insists he walks to Gauravi and stands chatting with her. Zenia wiht Sohrab walks to them and scolds Anuj for not introducing them to Gauravi yet. Anuj says they are his old friends. Zenia says so old but he still calls her Genia. Gauravi says when bonding is strong, words don’t matter and imperfection makes relationships more stronger. She excuses and leaves. Zenia scolds Anuj for rejecting such a sweet girl. Anuj then enjoys panipuri, Gauravi offers him plate. Rishi seeing them calls Anuj and introduces him to his high profile clients. Anuj excuses himself and returns to Gauravi.

Gauravi’s father walks to bar saying guard that he is boss’ close friend. Rishi walks to bar, and father boasts that boss is his friend and without old monk liquor party is not so rocking. Rishi jokes with him. Shreya walks to Gauravi and yells at her that she forced Aniket to not marry her and even rejected Anuj’s proposal. Rishi walks in next and starts insulting Gauravi and family as gold diggers and trying to trap both brother and sister. Elder brother angrily holds Rishi’s collar. Anuj seeing that interferes and warns Rishi not to misbehave with his employee. Rishi says he is embarrassing him for cheap employees. Anuj warns that employees work hard 10-12 hours away from family for them and they make profit because of employees and are part of his family, he cannot dare insult employees. Rishi angrily walks away. Gauravi leaves with family. Mother tells Anuj that whatever happened is wrong and they will personally go and apologize Gauravi’s family.

Gauravi with family returns. Aniket after hearing about Rishi and Shreya’s misbeavior insists her to leave the job, but Gauravi says Anuj is her boss and he supported her, so she will not leave job. She walks out to have some fresh air when rain starts. Anuj holds umbrella on her and says he needs to talk. She says family is at home. He says he needs to talk to her and asks if she will marry him. Gauravi stands surprised. He says it is up to her to say yes or no, etc.

Precap: No precap.

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