Baarish 27th March 2020 Written Update

Baarish 27th March 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Baarish 27th March 2020 Written Episode

Gauravi asks her lawyer to leave and come tomorrow as it is too late now. He insists her to continue her story and asks if she is describing about the same person. She goes into flashback again where she returns to head office and requests security guard to let her meet Rishi as her job is at stake. Rishi walks out and walks away denying to receive any necklace from her. She walks away tensed. Flashback continues here she walks on street and her umbrella flies and falls on Anuj’s car. Driver yells if she can’t watch and walk. Anuj asks him to behave and walks out to Gauravi who explains her ordeal that she lost her job as Rishi denied to sign and lied that he didn’t receive necklace, how will she pay 2.5 lakhs now, etc. He asks her to relax and just follow him, they will solve the issue. She asks if he will and follows him, stands out while he walks into office cafe. Anuj walks to Rishi who is busy with clients and asks him to sign worksheet. Rishi says girl is lying and just wants to trouble. Anuj says he had seen necklace in girl’s hand and spoke to her during event. Rishi says he wants to punish her for her arrogance. Anuj says they need to treat their employees well and scolding him takes sign on worksheet. He returns worksheet to Gauravi who surprised asks how did Rishi sign so easily. A passer by requests Anuj for a selfie revealing Anuj is Mehta Diamonds’ real owner. Gauravi is shocked to hear that and nervously apologizes him for badmouthing about Rishi in front of him. Anuj says its okay. Gauravi says he doesn’t look like a boss. Anuj he believes in work than publicity and would like to be a thread of pearl necklace which keeps pearls united. Gauravi gets more impressed.

Anuj then meets his best friends Zenia and her husband and asks them if they enquired about Aniket. Zenia says Aniket works in a bank during day and teaches kick boxing in a gym in the evenings, Shreya must have met him there and they must be in love, he is from a middle class family, etc.

Shreya is busy partying with her friends when Aniket calls him and informs her that he wants to break up with her because of their financial differences as he cannot afford her luxuries after marriage. Shreya’s superego hurts and she panics. At home, Rishi complains mother about Anuj, but mother supports Anuj and says Anuj is right. Shreya comes out schizophrenic. Anuj calms her down and takes her in to hear her. Rishi warns mother to stop Anuj from interfering in others’ lives.

In the evening, Gauravi’s mother praises Anuj for helping her while Gauravi says he is not that great. Father as usual boasts about himself. Asmi taunts him. Mother says her sister has arranged Gauravi’s meeting with a boy for alliance tomorrow. Next day, Gauravi meets boy who describes about his divorced sister and his future plan of shifting into a 1 BHK flat and buy a car after marriage and pay EMI with both his and Gauravi’s salaries. Gauravi says she will give her salary to her parents even after marriage and will marry him only if he agrees to this condition. Boy sits confused while she leaves. Anuj meets Aniket and proposes Shreya’s wedding with him. Aniket says he is not ready for marriage as he is from middle class and has an elder and an younger sister to be married before him. Anuj convinces him somehow. In the evening, Gauravi describes about her meeting with boy, Asmi fumes that Gauravi is not an object and should reject alliance. Anuj with his mother enters and greeting family says he came with Shreya’s alliance for Aniket.

Precap: No precap.

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