Baarish 30th March 2020 Written Update

Baarish 30th March 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Baarish 30th March 2020 Written Episode

Anuj with his mother visits Gauravi’s house and says he came with an alliance. Gauravi introduces Anuj as her company’s boss. Father asks what about Rishi. Aniket says Anuj is the real boss. Gauravi greets them in. Father makes them sit and asks when did she meet Gauravi. Mother says Aniket and Shreya met in boxing class. Father is still confused thinking they came with Gauravi and Anuj’s alliance. Aniket says they came with his and Shreya’s alliance and tells Anuj that he had already rejected this alliance. Gauravi tries to convince Aniket, but he says he is not yet ready. At Anuj’s house, Rishi after spending romantic moments with his girlfriend Falguni fumes that his mota bhai/elder brother ruined his reputation and has gone with Shreya’s alliance in some slum. Falguni says she didn’t come here to listen about his mota bhai especially after what happened between her and his mota bhai. Shreya eagerly waits for Anuj and mother to return. They both return, mother stands fuming seeing Rishi and Falguni’s romance and Aniket stands fuming seeing Falguni. Falguni greets them and leaves. Shreya panics and gets out of control hearing Aniket rejected her proposal again. Rishi says he will handle her and sends Anuj out. Anuj walks to his mother and says Shreya is upset with broken heart. Mother asks if he is fine after seeing Falguni here. Anuj says he is not disturbed because Falguni didn’t accept his proposal as she has right to choose her life partner.

Anuj then meets his friends Zenia and her husband and informs that Falguni came to his house today. Zenia fumes hearing that while her husband calms her down. Anuj tells her that he is worried for Gauravi and wants her married to their school friend. Zenia says he should start thinking about his marriage and leave other’s problem to god. He gets a call from mother that Shreya left home in her car, calls Gauravi and informs about same, Gauravi says Shreya is tensed and assures that she will handle situation. He smilingly tells friends that Gauravi ji will handle it. Zenia senses his soft corner for Gauravi.

Shreya drives her car outside Gauravi’s house and calls Aniket. Gauravi with Aniket rushes down and asks him to trust her and wait aside. She walks to Shreya and introducing herself as Aniket’s elder sister says she is also shocking thinking how can Aniket reject such a sweet her. She asks if they can have a girl-to-girl chat. Shreya agrees and accompanies her. Anuj and mother reach Gauravi’s house where Aniket says he is still not ready to marry Shreya owing his responsibilities. Anuj says Gauravi ji has gone with Shreya. Gauravi returns Shreya and scolds Aniket for rejecting Shreya. Shreya says fine if Aniket doesn’t want to marry her, she loves him truly. Anuj’s mother says she has a proposal and says she wants Gauravi to marry Anuj and says both of them have similarities and complement each other well with their nature, etc., and leaves the decision to Gauravi and Anuj. Anuj and Gauravi amazed sit nervous.

Precap: No precap.

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