Baarish 31st March 2020 Written Update

Baarish 31st March 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Baarish 31st March 2020 Written Episode

Gauravi’s selfish elder brother and sister-in-law/SIL visit home and tell mother that they will meet Gauravi’s boss Anuj and will evaluate him as Gauravi may find it difficulty to understand him. Asmi says she heard they are nice people, imagine she will be boss soon. Mother asks what problem she has with this alliance, she should consider it as arranged one like before. Gauravi says their lifestyle and status is way different, 1000s of workers like her work under Anuj. Family continues trying to convince her. SIL says whole family’s financial issues will be settled. Aniket taunts her and he taunts her back and walks away asking Gauravi to think again. Aniket tells Gauravi whatever her decision is, he will support her. She says she knows and asks him to get ready and go to job. Father and Asmi taunt Gauravi.

Anuj meets his friends Zenia and Sohrab and praises Gauravi that she is very educated and speaks fluent English. Zenia taunts him that he was finding alliance for Gauravi yesterday and today praising her. Anuj continues praising Gauravi’s qualities and says after Falguni’s incident, he feels he doesn’t deserve any girl. Zenia says he is a multimillionaire and runs business empire, why would Gauravi’s family reject her. He says Gauravi is a simple girl with good morales, so he doesn’t think he suits her. Zenia says he studied in Gujrati medium, left studies, took over his father’s small business, turned it into a business empire, runs 2 trusts in his father’s name, etc; if he has any technical issue to reject this proposal? He says no.. She asks him to inform his mother then.. He says he will speak to Gauravi. She says good and suggests him to meet her then.

Gauravi walks on street with her mother and continues saying ath she doesn’t want to marry Anuj because of their different lifestyles and status, etc. Mother says she can change. Gauravi says they will not accept their bahu working after marriage and supporting her parents. She reaches store where her colleague/friend gossips that boss’ sister is having an affair with someone, etc. She asks who informed her. Friend says driver and cooks who know everything and continues.. Anuj calls her and she picks saying its boss. Anuj requests her to meet him. She asks where. He says he will inform venue later. He calls Zenia who suggests him to book an Italian restaurant. He says hesitantly agrees. Gauravi informs friend that she is going out to meet boss, friend thinks she is going to meet boyfriend and just giving an excuse.

Anuj waits for Gauravi in an Italian restaurant and practices that he cannot marry her. Gauravi walks in, he greets her and offers menu card to select dishes. She checks menu and says they are very costly. He says she can select whatever she wants to. She asks if he needs veg or nonveg and orders a complicated sounding dish. When dish arrives in a small plate, he asks where is rest of dish. Waiter says this is the one. He takes Gauravi to roadside vada pav stall and buys her vada pav. She says its her father’s favorite, actually he likes junk food. He says Italian dish such complicated sounding that he wouldn’t have pronounced it even in 2 lives, it was so little. He then nervously tries to start when she says she cannot marry him as she has responsibilities and they don’t have any similarities. He says okay then, he felt nice meeting her. She says even she feels same.

Precap: No precap.

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