Baarish 6th April 2020 Written Update

Baarish 6th April 2020 Written Update by MA

Baarish 6th April 2020 Written Episode

Lawyer insists Gauravi to sign on stamp papers. She spoils them instead. Lawyer gets angry and asks does she know what this means. She knows, that is why she spoilt papers and requests him to make sure Anuj doesn’t come to meet her here till she is here in jail. Lawyer walks away saying strange.. Back into flashback, Gauravi from room’s balcony watches Falguni with Rishi dropping Anuj home and holding his hand saying she and Rishi are always there for him and whatever happened with him today will never happen again.

At Aniket’s house, mother asks Asmi to stop playing around and help her in work. Aniket taunts Asmi. Mother/Aayi scolds father/baba for tasting dry fruits bought for Shreya. Baba jokes that his rajyog started after bahu came home. Shreya returns home after jogging, Aayi says she thought Shreya is in her room as AC was on. Shreya says she kept it on. Aniket confronts her for wasting resource, and she throws tantrums. After sometime, he explains calmly that its wrong to waste resources and gets romantic. She calms down.

In the morning, Gauravi apologizes Anuj and tells that she will not interfere in his business again.
He informs that today is Zenia and Sohrab’s wedding anniversary. She says she knows as she saw it on facebook. He says they have invited us for dinner, so they will go tonight. Gauravi smiles. In the evening, they meet at a restaurant and sit silently. Sohrab tries to crack jokes to start conversation and Zenia sensing Anuj and Gauravi’s situation sends Sohrab and Anuj to get buffet dishes. Anuj explains Sohrab about the situation. Sohrab explains that Gauravi is not wrong and says couples are made for each other, that means they are made to handle each other and marriage works on both’s shoulders, etc. He suggests Anuj to take Gauravi on terrace and speak to her. Anuj walks to Gauravi and signals her to come on terrace, a lady sitting behind thinks its for her and walks behind Gauravi to washroom. Anuj standing outside gets Zenia’s message not to mess up, lady returns and hearing him insists to walk to terrace with him. Anuj follows her nervously. Gauravi seeing that follows them. Lady tries to get intimate, and Anuj nervously calls her sister. Lady gets angry. Gauravi reaches, and Anuj stammering explains about Zenia’s message. Lady walks away saying she thought he is an escort. Gauravi murmurs in Anuj’s ears what lady told. Their chatting continues…

Precap: No precap.

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