Baarish 7th April 2020 Written Update

Baarish 7th April 2020 Written Update by MA

Baarish 7th April 2020 Written Episode

Anuj getting ready for office asks Gauravi if she is ready, shall he drop her to office. She asks would he like to frame that in English. He asks what frame means, one sentence has so many meaanings. She asks him to try it in English. He tries with his broken English and confidently says one day he will be proficient in English. She says she like his confidence. He walks down where his mother also speaks in English and says Gauravi asked her to converse with him in English. He touches her feet and asks what is malkin/boss called in English. She says MAA/mother. He touches her feet again and leaves. She hears someone in swimming pool, rushes there, sees Shreya swimming, and asks what is she doing here. Shreya says she came here for a bathe. Mother asks if there is water scarcity in her in-laws’ house. Shreya says many things are missing in that house, she can’t even bathe properly or even speak freely, if she sneezes neighbors gather with kadha/herbal concoction, she can’t even have properly food there and will stay here whole day. Mother suggests her to call Aniket for lunch. Gauravi hears their conversation.

Aniket returns home tensed. Father says since one more member is included in family, he has to contribute half of his salary towards family expenses. Aniket says there is layoff happening in office and even he was laid off. Family gets tensed. Shreya returns home and seeing Aniket excitedly hugs him. Family informs that Aniket lost his job. After sometime, Shreya’s friend calls her and insists her for Bali trip; she says Aniket lost his job, so she cannot come. Friend suggests to take her brothers’ help and get a job for Aniket. Shreya returns to Aniket and insists him for Bali trip and take his brothers’ help. Aniket reacts and walks away fuming.

Gauravi returns home and sees Anuj’s note that he is going out and will return late. She asks mother who says that during every birthday Anuj leaves home and doesn’t inform anyone where he spends whole day. Gauravi inquires Anuj’s office and finds out that he spends time in orphanage. She reaches orphanage and asks supervisor if Anuj had come here. Lady says yes, he spends whole day here during his birthday and left just 10-15 minutes ago. Gauravi calls Anuj’s driver who denies to inform where he is. She hears rail horn and reaching there insists driver to inform where Anuj is, else she will complain that he brought car without anyone’s permission. He informs that he went to some club nearby. She reaches club and sees youngsters there. Receptionist sees her and says it looks like she came here by mistake. Gauravi sees Anuj walking, hides and follows him to a wrestling match where Anuj gets into wrestling ring to fight with a strong wrestler.

Precap: No precap.

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