Baarish 8th April 2020 Written Update

Baarish 8th April 2020 Written Update by MA

Baarish 8th April 2020 Written Episode

Gaurvi sees Anuj getting into wrestling ring and asks a person nearby what is happening there. Man says its a wrestling match, Anuj is a rich man who comes every year on his birthday and gets beaten brutally. Wrestler asks Anuj why he comes here every year to get beaten badly. Anuj says he feels amazing hearing everyone chanting his name. Wrestler punches Anuj and he falls down. Gauravi calls him. He gets nervous seeing her and gets beaten black and blue. After the match, Gauravi asks what is all this. He explains that his friend had brought him here and he feels a kick fighting, and every year on his birthday here and after getting beaten black and blue spends 2 days in hotel till his bruises heal so that his family doesn’t know about it. Gauravi says this time he will go home right now. Anuj gets nervous and asks what will he say maa. She says its his problem. They reach home where mother, Rishi, and Falguni ask how did he get black eye. He nervously tries to speak. Gauravi supports him and says when they were going towards store, a few goons misbehaved and pushed her, so Anuj got into a fight and taught them a good lesson. Falguni comments fight for a simple issue. Gauravi taunts her that a man doesn’t react for girlfriend, but when its about family and wife, he can fight with anyone for them. Falguni gets jealous hearing that. Gauravi then plans a surprise party for Anuj in the evening.

Aniket seeks help from his friend for a job, but in vain. Gauravi over phone invites whole family for Anuj’s birthday party. Shreya says bhai never celebrated his birthday. Aniket says people change after marriage. In the evening, party starts. Zenia and Zohrab bring cake for Anuj. Falguni and Rishi fume seeing party arrangements and Gauravi’s family entering. Gauravi’s elder SIL gets jealous seeing such a big house. Anuj enters with Gauravi and seeing such a good arrangement thanks her. Zohrab takes the birthday boy and makes him cut cake. After party, Anuj unrwaps Zenia and Zohrab’s gift and gets shy seeing handcuffs. Gauravi unwraps her parent’s gift and says Aayi gifted small sized shirt. Anuj asks if she knows his shirt size. She says yes. He says this was the best birthday of his life and Gauravi made him feel special. She says like he makes everyone special around him. He says he does a special task on his each birthday. Gauravi says she knows he transfers 15% of company profits in Shreya’s name. He says yes and shows another 15% in Asmi’s name. Gauravi gets emotional and says he shouldn’t do this. He says when she considers his sister as her sister, even he should treat her sister as his sister and its a brother’s duty to secure sister’s future. Gauravi emotionally holds his hands and hugs him.

Precap: No precap.


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