Baarish 9th April 2020 Written Update

Baarish 9th April 2020 Written Update by MA

Baarish 9th April 2020 Written Episode

In the morning, Anuj reads English newspaper and tries to spell words. Gauravi still asleep corrects him. He says god sent an angel for Aruj Mehta. She asks where is it written. He says its not necessary that everything should be written on newspaper, some news would be in mind also. She thanks him for calling her an angel. After sometime during breakfast, Rishi informs Anuj that he has selected a property in South Mumbai to open a restaurant and will name it in Anuj’s name. Anuj asks why him, he should open it in self’s name. Rishi says Anuj is his lucky mascot. Anuj asks him to get the paper work thoroughly by lawyer and make Gauravi 50% partner. Rishi fumes but acts.

Gauravi calls Aniket and suggests him to stop fighting with Shreya and take care of Shreya well like Anuj is taking care of her. Anuj hearing that thanks her and asks if he should speak to Shreya. She says no. He says he is going to Pune to open his new branch. She reminds him that driver hasn’t come yet today. He says he gave him leave as he is not well and will self drive. Before he leaves, she applies ointment on his wound. He notices her fingers and says they are very beautiful. She says its polish as she needs to look presentable in her job. He says even he works at a same place. She says he works in admin department and she is a sales girl. He says she knows so much. She shies and suggests him to have lunch on time. He says he wants to be fit like her and will have Pune specialty after reaching though.

Aniket informs mother that bankers are reminding him repeatedly to pay home loan EMI, he doesn’t know what to do. Shreya offers him money and says even she is part of family and can help. Aniket hesitates but accepts on mother’s insistence. After sometime, Aniket thanks her for thinking about him and his family. She asks if he can do anything for, can they shift from here as its a small flat with a big family. Their argument starts, and he returns her money.

Gauravi reaches her workplace and eagerly waits for Anuj’s call. Her friend Arzoo taunts her. Anuj calls her and disconnects call. Gauravi calls back and asks if he had called. He says yes by mistake.
She says okay then and tries to disconnect. He asks if he she had lunch. She says she had breakfast and suggests him to have vada pav near highway petrol pump shop. He says its near and rams his car. Gauravi realizing he met with an accident panics and calls Rishi, then Sohrab and informs that Anuj met with an accident. Sohrab and Zenia pick her up in their car and rush towards accident venue speaking to inspector and describing him about Anuj. They ten reach hospital where they meet Anuj injured on a wheel chair. Doctor informs that Anuj escaped the impact due to airbags and incurred just minor injuries, he can go home after a few test results come. Zenia takes Sohrab away giving Gauravi and Anuj some space. Anuj starts praising Gauravi and she starts praising him, finally he says she completes him and she says same.

Shreya inebriated rams her car at Aniket’s elder brother Paresh’s parked bike. Paresh and his wife rush down and start yelling at Shreya. Aniket and his family rush to Shreya’s rescue and apologize Paresh and his wife. Paresh’s wife yells who will pay for it. Shreya offers her money and warns to shut her mouth. Their argument starts. Aniket tries to solve the issue, but when Shreya goes overboard and blames Gauravi for her messed up life Aniket gets angry and regrets marrying Shreya and warns her to dare not show her face again to him. Anuj and Gauravi reach home and while having dinner mother orders Anuj not to always let driver drive the car. Gauravi feeds Anuj. Shreya calls him and informs that Aniket broke up with her and she is going to Dubai, not to worry about her and try to call her as she is boarding flight now.

Precap: No precap.


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