Baazigar 14th September 2016 Written Update

Baazigar 14th September 2016 Written Update by Amena

Baazigar 14th September 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sanjeevani, Ashwin and Rishi meeting Aru at police station. Ashwin asks her to come home. Aru says I have to go to Aarav, we already spoke about this matter. She leaves. Siddhant comes in her way and says you just got bail, it does not mean you are innocent. She asks what proof do you have that I m culprit, you arrested me based on doubt, afterall truth has won. He asks her not to go to Aarav, he is not good for you. She says what I should do and what not, I will decide. He asks her to understand, you deserve a good life which Aarav can’t give you, maybe someone else comes in your life, who loves you a lot, who cares for you. She says Arundhati just loved once, that’s Aarav, I will live and die with Aarav. She goes.

Padma and Radheshyam go to Aarav and see Dadi sleeping.
Aarav plays with toys and says Dadi slept so early, I had to play with Dadi. Radheshyam says I will play with you Aarav, come, sweet boy. Padma checks Dadi’s sound sleep. Radheshyam hypnotizes Aarav and says you will do what Padma and I tell you. Aru comes and says your game is over, whats happening. He says nothing, we were playing with Aarav. Aru asks them to leave.

Padma and Radheshyam leave. Aru asks Aarav are you fine. Aarav says no, I did not want to go with HariRam Kaka. Aru asks what, tell me what happened that day. Aarav tells her that he has seen mummy crying, and Papa was with Mausi. FB shows Kailash hugging Parul. Aarav says its my birthday today, come with me Papa, we will cut cake. Kailash shouts go from here. FB ends. Aarav says Kaka asked me to come with him, he got gift for me, so I went with him, but Kaka has hurt me a lot, he did bad with me. FB shows Hariram Kaka hurting Aarav. Aarav says I don’t like Kaka, he is very bad. FB shows Aarav crying. Aru gets shocked.

Aarav says I went to Papa and told him that Hariram Kaka is bad, he has hurt me by doing bad things, then Papa scolded me, Kaka threatened me not to tell anyone, else people will call me bad, and kick me out of house, else he will kill one of his family member. Aarav starts crying. Aarav cries and shouts for help. Aru asks why did you not tell your mummy. Aarav says Papa has beaten me when I told him, mummy was already upset, no one helped me. Aru holds his hand and cries. Aarav says you also want to hurt me. Aru says no, I will never hurt you, I m sorry, forgive me, I did mistake in knowing you, sorry. They cry.

Dadi wakes up and sees Padma in her room. Padma wakes up and says my head is aching a lot. Radheshyam comes and says Aru is with Aarav. Dadi worries and rushes to see Aarav. Padma smiles.

Parul gives the will and says its on my name, Kailash has named everything to my name. Lawyer says Kailash fooled everyone, he has made will on your, Aarav and Aru’s name. Parul says I have taken care of Kailash and waited for his death, I will not leave this chance, I did not leave my sister for this property. She smiles and asks lawyer will you help me please, I can do whatever you like. She holds his hand and smiles.

Aru says I will not let anything wrong happen. Dadi knocks door and says open the door. Aarav hides and says they have come to take me, bua will give me injection, Kaka will also come. Aru says no one will harm you, I promise, you are safe here. Aru goes to them and stops them, saying I m Aarav’s wife, you go from her. She says bua gave drugs injections since childhood and tortured him, this is enough to send you to jail. Padma tells Dadi that Aru is framing me. Aru says it will be better you leave. Padma asks Dadi to handle Aru.

Dadi says don’t try to scare us, I m Aarav’s Dadi, where is he. Aru asks do you want to know, come with me. She takes him to Aarav. Siddhant thinks of Aru’s words and talks to Somit. Somit says the man who showed Aru’s pic is in city, you can interrogate him again. Siddhant says someone is trying to frame Aru, as she can never lie. Somit says then maybe Aarav is Kailash’s murderer. Siddhant recalls Aru’s words and says it maybe someone else also. Lawyer tells Parul that you are very sharp. Parul says world is so tough, you tell me what to do next, whats the plan. He says I have a solution, Aarav and Aru’s death, or both will’s disappearing, that’s impossible. She asks how. He says I m lawyer and saved many people from death, they will kill Aarav and Aru. Parul says perfect…..

Aru says whatever happens, Hariram Kaka…. Aarav hears that and hides. The goon tells Parul that Siddhant will not leave us. She asks him to kill Siddhant. Siddhant catches the goon.

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