Baazigar 22nd September 2016 Written Update

Baazigar 22nd September 2016 Written Update by Amena

Baazigar 22nd September 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aarav helping Aru in packing. She gives him will and says whatever was on my name, I did everything on your name, this is divorce papers, I signed on it, you also sign. Parul looks on from outside. Aarav asks Aru why are you running so well, our fight did not end. Aru says you won Aarav, I will pray you always win and stay happy. She gets her bag and says you are really nice Aarav, I pray that you get such life partner who always keeps you happy, I will go. She leaves. He throws the papers.

Dadi comes to him and says Aru left, she has loved you selflessly, she has managed you when you became a kid, she has fought with all enemies alone, she has forgiven your bad behavior, you don’t have a heart. He shouts I don’t have a heart, anyone who wants to stay here can stay
and anyone who wants to leave can leave, like mummy and Papa went and now Aru. Dadi cries.

Parul says our plan flopped, Aru has real will, she named everything to Aarav, your goons did not do anything, Aarav got fine, danger increased on me, I have to do everything now. Padma looks on. Parul says I have to do something, I can’t wait more, I have to kill Aarav today itself.

Aru is at her home. She hugs Sanjeevani and is sad. Aarav thinks of Aru. Naina mil gaye piya se…………plays…………. She thinks of him. He sees her the kamarbandh and thinks of her. Aru cries. Aarav recalls their love and gets restless. They both are unable to sleep. Aarav says what was the need to leave Aru.

Its morning, Aarav is still sitting wake and thinking of Aru, how he left her in mandap. He gets ready and asks driver to get car. Parul slaps Hareram and asks why did you say my name. Hareram says they caught my son. She says its good that officer got transferred, else I would have been arrested today, I have to sell property, take money and leave country. He says we have to kill Aarav, I used to trouble Aarav in childhood on your saying, you created wall between father and son, you always controlled Aarav and he did not know this, solve this matter. She says Aarav is still afraid of darkness and came out of trauma recently, this time I will attack such that darkness gets infront of him always, Aru has gone, it means Aarav is alone and weak.

Aru asks Siddhant why did you come here. He says Hareram told me Parul got the poison and gave money to man to take your name, Aarav’s life is in danger, I m not on this case, something wrong can happen with Aarav, I did my friend’s duty, you do what you want, I will leave. She stops him and hugs him. She apologizes to him. Aarav comes there and sees her hugging Siddhant. Aru says our friendship will never break, you will always be my best friend. Aarav turns away. Siddhant says I know everything, I m leaving this city, I hope you and Aarav stay happy always. He cries. They see Aarav there. Aarav leaves.

Aarav comes home. Dadi asks him where is Aru. He says Aru is happy with her BF. Padma says this had to happen, you did not stop her, so that guy stopped her. Aru comes back home with her bag. They get surprised seeing her. Aarav asks her why did she come back. Aru says because this is my husband’s house. He says you can leave by your wish, but not come back, you are this house’s bahu and my wife, you can’t do double timing. Parul looks on. Aarav says you cheated me, I have seen everything, if you love Siddhant, you go, I won’t stop you, you signed on divorce papers, I will also sign.

Parul calls Hareram and says Aru has come back, kill her today, and then Aarav. He says think its their last day today. Dadi looks at Parul. Aru says you would be finding divorce papers, I know where are your imp papers, its in this drawer. She gives him papers. He signs on the papers and gives her. He says now you are free, go now, I will not feel bad, I have just given you pain, but that had a reason, I have doubted your feelings and love, I did not know anyone could love me such, I have seen good things by motives, I felt everyone is selfish in this world, but… go, I will not stop you, you should have gone before, don’t know why did you stop, your friend Siddhant is a nice guy, he will love you a lot, just go, I have written on divorce papers what I had to say.

She sees her name as his sign. He says you wrote my name on it, I can’t leave from here. He says what, I signed, and checks. She says till new papers come, I will stay here. She goes. Dadi comes and says I heard everything, why don’t you say her if you want her to stay. He says I will make new papers and she will go, I can’t keep her anyone by force. He says if your feelings are true, no one can separate you, I have to say something imp.

Parul says I explained Hareram, everything will happen tonight, just add fainting drugs in food, then Hareram will kill Aarav and Aru, then all this will be mine. Rishi hears this and gets shocked. Padma asks for her share. Parul says if I give it now, you will double cross, we have to play game together and win.

Parul tells Hareram that she will become owner of all this, take this money. Dadi, Aarav, Aru and everyone come there. Dadi slaps Parul.

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