Baazigar 7th September 2016 Written Update

Baazigar 7th September 2016 Written Update by Amena

Baazigar 7th September 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aarav seeing the birthday decorations in his secret room. He recalls the birthday and gets unwell. Aru looks for him. He thinks how the kids gave me gifts and how he celebrated his birthday. He sits down holding the drawer and cries, saying Aarav is not bad. Aru comes to the room and hears him. He says bad are those people who did bad with me. Aru knocks the door and asks are you fine Aarav, open the door. Aarav says Aarav is not bad and sees his face in mirror. He says this tears are not mine, I m strong, I never lose, I m Baazigar. He breaks the mirror and throws the things.

Aru manages to open the door and gets inside. She sees Aarav ruining everything in the room. The wooden partition falls over him and he screams. Aru shouts Aarav. His forehead bleeds and he faints.
Aru asks are you fine Aarav, get up. Everyone come there and get shocked seeing Aarav. Aru and Rishi move the wooden partition away. They take Aarav to hospital.

Dadi cries and blames Aru for all this, Aarav is meeting such many accidents, since Aarav married Aru, just bad is happening with him, if anything happens to Aarav, I will not leave Aru. Padma says if anything happens to Aarav, if he dies because of Aru, we will do her aarti, we wanted to do this which Aru did. Aru asks doctor how is Aarav. Doctor gets silent. Aru gets shocked. They all go to see Aarav.

Aarav sits making the drawings like a kid. Doctor says his brain has got affected and he has become like a 9 year kid now, as you said about the incident happening when he was 9 years old, he does not remember anything what happened in his life after that. They all get shocked. Aru goes to Aarav and asks did you identify me. Aarav asks who are you.

She asks his name. He asks why shall I say, you say whats your name. He makes the drawings. Dadi meets him. He says Dadi and hugs her. Dadi cries. Aru goes out and cries thinking of his state. Padma sees Aarav and goes to scold Aru.

Padma asks Aru why are you doing this, I know you want to take revenge, why do you want to kill him, you got Aarav shot and then sent him to jail, it good he got saved, tell me why did you do this. Dadi asks doctor what happened to Aarav. Padma says now Aarav will never get fine because of Aru. Doctor says his brain state has become like 9 year old because of amnesia. Padma asks what will we tell world. Dadi asks Aru what do you want, I will not forgive you. Padma says I m sure Aru has killed Kailash, and now she is after Aarav’s life, ask her. Dadi asks Aru why do you want to ruin our family, and cries. Doctor says enough, maintain peace, this is hospital.

Dadi asks doctor to make Aarav fine, we will spend much money. Doctor says there is no treatment, physical and mental therapy is used in such case. Dadi asks Padma what is doctor saying. Padma says doctor is saying Aarav is not mentally fine, so we should send him to…. Aru says no need to send Aarav anywhere, I will manage Aarav, I have done course to manage special kids and worked also, I m his wife. Doctor says fine, remember you will be stranger for him, not his wife. Aru cries.

Aarav asks Parul about his mum and dad. Parul holds his hand. Aru comes and shakes hand with him, saying I m Arundhati, your new teacher. He says I m Aarav Trivedi, your new student. Padma asks Aru to go. Doctor says let her manage Aarav, who else can serve husband better than wife, she is qualified. Parul asks them to go home. Padma says fine.

Padma and Radheshyam come home. Padma says this is our lottery, if Aarav died, our good days would have come. He says see his poor state, we should use it now, but how. She says we had to beg money from Kailash and Aarav, but now we will do as we want, Aru is a problem, why does she love Aarav now, she will save Aarav, you think how to make her leave. Aru promises Aarav that they will study less and have fun more. Aarav smiles and calls her teacher. Parul and Dadi cry seeing him. Aru thinks I promise I will find reason behind Aarav’s hatred.

Siddhant tells Aru that everyone feel you are responsible for Aarav’s state. She asks is this your doubt. Power goes. Aarav says I m scared and shouts. She hugs Aarav. Siddhant looks on..

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