Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 10th February 2023 Written Update

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 10th February 2023 Written Update by Amena

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 10th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pihu arguing with Lakhan. She says I won’t come for your perfect family dinner, you just do a drama. She asks Raghav to come with her. She says you don’t agree to everything. She talks to him. Angad argues. She angrily goes. Raghav says talk to her, get her tonight, please, I saved you from that girl, please do this. Angad says just for you. Sara sees the dinner arrangements. Brinda says relax. Prachi comes downstairs. Brinda and Sara say that we miss Priya, she is just like Priya, don’t know where is her Ram. Raghav smiles seeing Prachi. Angad jokes. Adi goes. Prachi asks Angad are we finding for the same person, Pihu, she promised she will come. Raghav says don’t worry, she will come, she promised. Lakhan and Monica come downstairs. Prachi goes to him. Raghav asks where is Pihu. Pihu is at the bar with her friend. She gets drunk. She gets angry on Monica. Mahir says I have spiked Pihu’s drink, as you told me, Bua. Mahir goes to hold Pihu. She scolds him and asks him to leave. Raghav says I will go and get Pihu. Prachi says she didn’t come yet. Adi asks Angad to have drinks. Angad says so I love my dad more than mom. Brinda beats him. Angad goes with Vikrant. Prachi asks is Pihu fine. Raghav says yes, she is coming. Sid comes home. Lakhan sees him. He asks where is Pihu, press wants to meet you two. Prachi says she is on the way, she is coming.

Sid says Mama ji, I hate him, he called me here to insult me. Mama ji says calm down. Sid says Lakhan got Ram’s everything, my son is coming tonight. Prachi waits for Pihu. Avni asks where is Pihu. Pihu learns her driver left. She says I will drive myself. Monica says Pihu is coming, Mahir will get her. Mahir comes and complains about Pihu. He says Pihu slapped me. She asks him why did he come. Raghav calls Pihu and asks are you going to drive. She says yes. He asks are you drunk, Prachi is waiting, its dangerous to drink and drive, where is the driver. She says he left. He says don’t drive, I m coming. She asks who worries for me. He says Prachi. She asks and you. He says I also worry. He sees Prachi. Pihu jokes. She talks of Ram and Priya. She says someone spiked my drink. He says I will come. She says no one cares for me. He says your mom and dad loved you a lot, they would see you from the heaven. She says I m angry, they left me by trusting Lakhan. He says Prachi thinks your mom and dad left you for her sake. He pacifies her. He says love will happen when it has to happen. Angad looks for Pihu. Raghav talks of love. He says please tell me where are you, for your sister’s sake. She says I m near the danger sign, parking isn’t allowed here, I will leave. He says no, wait, I will come. She says nothing will happen, I m fine. She drives on the road. She recalls Ram and Priya.

She hits a car. She meets with an accident. Raghav hears the sound and worries. He sees Prachi waiting. He rushes. Lakhan insults Sid. He takes family pics with his family. Sid asks where is Pihu. Raghav comes to Pihu and saves her. He says Prachi will be so worried seeing Pihu in this condition. He sees the police coming. He puts Pihu in the other seat. He sits in the driver’s seat. Inspector arrests him. Raghav thinks of Prachi. Police comes home to meet Lakhan. Vikrant asks the reporters to go out. Inspector says its about a car accident, we arrested Raghav for rash driving, he has hit someone’s car, he is in the lockup. Prachi says he can’t do this, I know him well. Inspector tells the car’s number. Monica says its Pihu’s car. Inspector says when we went there, he was in driver’s seat, we arrested him, Pihu is hurt. Everyone worries for Pihu. Angad says go to Pihu, I will go to Raghav. He thinks when did Raghav reach Pihu. Raghav worries for Pihu. Inspector says worry for yourself. Raghav asks is Pihu okay. Pihu gets treated. Prachi worries. Doctor says she will be fine in a few days. Prachi thanks her. She sits with Pihu and cries.

Prachi asks what happened Raghav, tell me. A guy says it was my car. She apologizes to the car. Sid and Lakhan argue. Sid says you plotted the accident to hurt my son.

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