Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 11th May 2023 Written Update

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 11th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 11th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prachi saying don’t behave like that again. Raghav says I m sorry, I can’t justify myself, I was in tension, its not about money, but Kapil’s name and job, I can pay that amount but I don’t want anyone to judge his intention, Josh came to meet you last night, he saw us together and threatened me. She says he was angry on me. He says it’s the same thing, if he gets angry on you or me, I m sorry, I m troubled being dragged in Josh and your relation, you helped my brother, I owe you for that, please forget this, I can’t see you getting worried, when Josh talks to you in a wrong way, I get angry, I feel worried, I m still affected by your tears. Tu hi to…plays…

They see each other. He says I promise, I won’t talk to you like this again, please forgive me. She hugs him. Dua banjaa…plays… She says I m glad you have shared your feelings with me. He asks are you okay, your hair… She asks is it fine now. They get down the lift. They see Dipika and other reporters.

Dipika praises Prachi and Raghav. She shows the cover pic. They smile. Raghav thinks Josh will just lose it if he sees this. Prachi also worries. Dipika says I want to meet you fiancée, the amazing person who writes such good poetry, make us meet Josh. Prachi says I will check with him. Dipika says thanks, I wish everyone gets a colleague and friend like Raghav. She takes their pic.

Bade ache..plays.. Lakhan shows Prachi’s interview. He says I m proud of her. Angad says I have seen them, they can do anything, they are a rocking jodi. Adi reads the poetry. Lakhan thinks Raghav showed his understanding and friendship again, he saved Prachi from humiliation, Raghav has written this poetry, he is a diamond who has carved himself, he has no bad habit and ego, his dedication, integrity will take him to heights, sky is the limit, he has made Prachi his priority, he is her silent supporter, we want to get Prachi married to an useless man, Raghav is the best, Josh is a loser. Angad says Raghav is perfect, we will get on a mission, we will unite Prachi and Raghav. Pihu comes and asks what is happening here, tell me now. Raghav thinks of Prachi. Pihu argues with Lakhan and blames him for the mess. He says we are talking about Prachi and Raghav’s future. She says their past have to get fine. She says their lives got entangled because of you, you mishandled him, he felt bad, he is hurt, if you don’t apologize to him, how will his wounds heal, he will get courage to accept his feelings, if you talk to him, then you can say you are sorry, you are elder, set an example, tell him, you have overreacted, tell him that you are really sorry and he is the best guy for Prachi, I m very sure he will agree and forgive you all, he will admit what he feels for Prachi. Lakhan says I feel Priya is here and explaining me, your mom and dad would be proud of you. Adi says yes, Pihu is Prachi’s elder sister, who is like her mom, I m so proud of you. She says no more tears. Raghav comes. Angad says we will go now.

Pihu says I have office work. They sign Lakhan and leave. Lakhan asks can we talk. Raghav says yes. Lakhan says I have to talk about Prachi. Prachi says I will send you the details. She sees the flowers and smiles. She recalls Josh and Raghav’s words. She says why do I compare them, I don’t love Raghav, he is my friend, I have to stop thinking about Raghav. Pihu comes and asks are you okay. Prachi says nothing. Pihu says I m so happy for you, your interview went viral, why are you tensed, don’t tell me, is it about Josh. Prachi says no, I don’t understand. Raghav asks what do you ant to talk about Prachi. Lakhan says Pihu asked me to have a honest conversation with you, I m not a perfect man, I didn’t accept them, I was in my anger, pain and frustration, I vented that anger on them, Prachi accepted me, but Pihu is still away, I don’t blame her, she has valid reasons, I misjudged you, let me say please, when I got to know you like Prachi, I got much angry, she was going to get married, I got protective about her and took the wrong decisions, many lives changed, if I had handled the situation calmly, then the matter would have been different. Prachi asks how do we know about the decision. Pihu says you know it anyway. Prachi says the decision can impact anyone. Pihu says come to the point, tell me what is the matter. Prachi thinks I can’t ask Pihu about Raghav, but I want an advice.

Lakhan says I want to know, do you still love Prachi. Pihu says I love him. Prachi asks Raghav not to think of Josh.

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