Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 1st November 2021 Written Update

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 1st November 2021 Written Update by Amena

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 1st November 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Priya asking Ram to have water. She asks about the roses. He says I bought this on the way. She says I will keep the flowers in the vase, we will have food, come. She says I had made a lot of food, you like it all, right, it. He sits. She asks what’s the matter, you look worried. He thinks she has worked hard, how shall I tell her. He says my meeting went for a long time. She says we could have cancelled this, its not a real marriage that I will get upset. He says your efforts are real, I reach anywhere for food. They eat the food. She asks him not to take the pill, curd is good for acidity. She says you are showing much sensibility today. He thinks she will not leave me when I say that I m breaking Akki and Shivi’s marriage. He says I m learning from Adi to keep wife happy. She says Brinda is very nice, I m rude. He says I agree. Meera calls Priya. Prita doesn’t see. Meera says Ram can’t do this with us. Sarika asks where is Ram, call him. Mama ji comes. Sarika says Shivi has an affair with her ex, she is cheating Akki. Sara says no, she is a genuine girl, she can’t do this. Sarika asks why are they cancelling the marriage. Meera says we should go home and meet Ram. Sara says we will call Ram. Meera says Nandini told that Ram asked her not to tell us. Sara says we will call Akki and ask him. Shivi says be ready for the surprise. She calls Akki. Akki comes to her room. He jumps there. Shivi hits him. She sees him and says sorry. He says I came to surprise you. She says sorry, sit, I had planned the video call surprise. He asks did you decorate all this. He says yes. He shows her the gift. She says I love it. They hug.

Ram says Brinda doesn’t do cooking, you made all this. Priya says yes, I will get the sweetdish. Ram stops her. He says I m not so good. She asks why are you saying so. The lights go. Ram asks servant to switch on the generator. Shivi does the aid to Akki. They hug. They cut the cake. He feeds the cake to her. He smiles and hugs her. Priya checks the missed calls. She calls Meera. Sara answers. Priya asks is everything fine. Sara asks are you with Ram, did he tell you anything. Priya says no, what happened. Meera says Nandini came here, she said that Ram and she decided to cancel Akki and Shivi’s marriage. Priya asks but why. Sarika asks doesn’t Shivi want to marry Akki. Priya says Akki has come here to meet Shivi, he would not know. Priya thinks does Ram want to tell this to me. Nandini thinks did Ram tell Priya by now. She calls Adi. Adi takes the call. She says so sorry to call you right now, you know whatever happened today, Ram didn’t return home, I went to Sara’s bakery, I had an argument with Sarika, I told Meera that Akki and Shivi’s marriage won’t happen, where is Ram. Adi says Ram and Priya are at the farmhouse, he wanted to talk to her. She says fine, I will go there. Brinda asks why didn’t you tell me. Adi says Ram asked me not to tell you. She asks is this marriage breaking. Adi says I can’t tell you. She gets angry on him. She asks how can Akki and Shivi’s marriage break. He says there would be a big reason. She says Priya cares for Ram, she has understood him so well, I will not let this marriage break. Ram comes to Priya. He thinks shall I talk to her later. He recalls Nandini’s words. Brinda calls Sara.

Adi says Nandini is going to farmhouse to talk to Ram and Priya. Brinda says I will tell this to Sara, they should talk to Nandini right now. Adi asks what’s this madness. Brinda says its called acting, Sara will tell this to Sarika, Sarika will go to Nandini’s house, we will go to farmhouse, come. Ram tries to lie. Priya says you promised to get Akki and Shivi married, right, that’s good. Nandini says we have to reach the farmhouse. Sarika comes with family. She calls Shivi and Akki. Nandini asks Akki is here. Shivi says he came to give me surprise. Shubham scolds him. Sarika says your mom said this marriage isn’t happening. Akki asks what are you saying. Priya asks why are you stressed. Ram says nothing, you are a good person. She says we will keep a party before their marriage, I will cook. He says fine. She says you can come late and lie about the meeting, why did you break Akki and Shivi’s marriage. He says listen. She gets up to go. She says who are you to stop me, I m not a machine or any deal. She holds the door. Alarm rings. He says you can’t go out. He pulls her back. They fall down.

Ram asks how do you know. Priya says Shivi also means to me. They argue. She scolds Ram. He calls it enough. Adi and Brinda come. Nandini shouts and says Shivi has run away. She calls Ram, and says Akki and Shivi have run away.

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