Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 23rd March 2023 Written Update

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 23rd March 2023 Written Update by Amena

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 23rd March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prachi messaging Josh and thinks he didn’t reply, its okay, his trust will come back. Brinda says we should talk to Prachi. Sara says yes, she is sweet, she will understand. Monica says she is in love, she thinks she can’t function without Josh, she won’t see any mistake of him. Brinda says we should try to talk to her once. Monica says if you love someone, you can’t listen to anyone, Lakhan took many years to move on. She goes. Sara asks what will we do now. Brinda says Raghav has come back, trust me, everything will get fine, chill. Prachi says you left Raghav’s phone. She runs to give it. Sania calls Raghav. Prachi says he is in a meeting. Sania says he cancelled the breakfast, and called me on dinner, its fine if he is busy, maybe he is avoiding me. Prachi says no, we all ate the breakfast, he isn’t avoiding you, he is so good, he didn’t tell us when we were eating the breakfast, let me make it up to you guys, come to office, I will set a cute dinner. Sania says so sweet, thanks. Prachi thinks I can do this for you, I really owe you a lot. Raghav looks at her. Josh looks at him.

Raghav gets a note. He says Shriya, make sure, the dinner is ready. The man says we are ready to sign the contract. Raghav says I m not needed, LK and company can sign it. Josh says you have to be here. The man says Josh will get all the rights, he can make you out of this project. Raghav says yes. Josh says he is the main architect. Raghav says agreed, no smart person can make me out of this project. Prachi asks Shriya to wait for some time, Raghav might need her. Josh sees Prachi. Prachi gets his call. He asks did you go home. She says I was leaving. He says lets catch up for a coffee in the office café. Prachi thinks Sania was coming to meet Sania. He says maybe next time. She says okay, I will come. Sania comes and thanks her. She says I got simple stuff as you said. Prachi says Raghav likes simple things. Pihu and Angad workout. They talk about Raghav, Prachi and Josh. She says Josh is like a villain, I wish to slap him. Angad says Prachi is sweet, its easy to fool her. She gets upset.

She says Prachi is beautiful and limited edition, she is like dad, she doesn’t know hatred, she used to give respect to Lakhan and Monica. Angad says they love her a lot now. She says yes, love has power, so they became her mom and dad, she thinks Josh will change one day, he is not like Raghav to love selflessly. Angad says you still love Raghav, right. Raghav says tables aren’t available anywhere, what will Sania think about me. Sania comes. He says so sorry, I was busy all day. She says I understand. He says I m working on a project. She says its fine, I knew you are very busy, so I got the dinner along. He says that sounds good, but you didn’t need to get it. She says its fine, I got fruit wine. He says I don’t think, so this works for me. She asks are you upset. He says no, I m okay, are you upset.

She says no, you didn’t smile. He says I m glad that you came, what did you get in dinner. She says simple food, someone told me that you like simple things. He asks who told you. Pihu says I don’t know what I feel for Raghav. Angad says sorry if my question was wrong. She says chill, everything is cool, I didn’t permit myself to think of him, I have focussed all my emotions on work, we had to become something and show Lakhan, much bad happened with Raghav, I did what I felt right, we did it, we trusted each other and reached here, we didn’t get time to think about love, I feel I won’t get love. Angad says my story also went the same, I don’t take my life light, thanks to you, you didn’t let our friendship get affected after knowing I… She says love you. Prachi and Josh have a talk. She says congrats for signing the contract. He says congrats to you too. He thinks why is she behaving strange. He asks did Raghav tell you if he is going. Rahul says I m taking the food for Raghav and Sania, Prachi told me. Prachi says Sania came to meet Raghav. Josh says I want to see their office romance, come. Pihu says you can’t say and you want to love, you are blushing, I will click your pic. Angad says if we both are single until the age of 50, then… She says you mean we should get married. He says no, you kill me if I think of marriage. She says very funny. Raghav asks did you talk to Pihu or Angad. Sania says no. He asks do you like biryani. She thinks Prachi told me. She asks don’t you like it. He says I love it, who told you. She says great, I wanted to keep it simple. He asks who knows about my likes and dislikes. Prachi comes and looks on.

Sania says we will have dinner early next time, will we meet again. He says why not. Prachi says Josh, lets go. Josh says its romance, wait. Sania asks Raghav to recite some poetry. Raghav says I used to write, now I like to work, my friends call me boring. They drink. Josh jokes. Prachi says lets just go. Raghav turns to see. He thinks why is Prachi in office till now.

Raghav gets framed in the assault case. Josh rejoices. Pihu and Angad rush to meet Raghav.

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