Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 9th February 2023 Written Update

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 9th February 2023 Written Update by Amena

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 9th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Lakhan winning the best businessman of the year award. Everyone claps. Sid stops Avni. The man announces Prachi as the best daughter award winner. Raghav gets happy. Prachi receives an award. She says thanks, it rained today, someone said that rain means different for everyone. Avni gets sad. Prachi says I want to dedicate this award to one who has always supported me, my Papa, Mr. Kapoor, you know my mum and dad aren’t in the world, I see them in Lakhan, he works a lot in every season. She gives an emotional speech. Raghav talks of Prachi. He says one sided love is better. Lakhan’s wife congratulates him. Adi says I didn’t see anyone’s love like that of Ram and Priya, Avni and Lakhan are broken, I hope this doesn’t happen with Prachi and Pihu. Raghav goes to Prachi. She says Pihu’s shoes were tight. He lifts her and takes her to the car. Bade acche…plays…

The car doesn’t start. She says we will wait outside. He lifts her and jokes on her weight. He takes her. Lakhan’s wife is worried. She says I didn’t think Lakhan will walk the ramp with Prachi. Raghav gets Prachi home. She says dad was in good mood, if Pihu was sober, then she would have walked with him, what will happen of Pihu if I go to USA. Lakhan’s wife and her sister talk about Prachi and Pihu. She says I will not tolerate them. Prachi takes care of Pihu. She says you missed the opportunity to walk with dad. Pihu says stop calling him dad, our dad was so affectionate and caring. She misses Ram. She says Lakhan just cares for money.

Prachi says you are lucky to get mum and dad’s love, I just saw them in pics, I regard Lakhan as my dad, he is hurt, so he doesn’t get attached to anyone. Pihu says he doesn’t care for us, its good that I have you, our love is never ending. Prachi asks her to sleep. Pihu says don’t trust anyone, we are there for each other. Prachi says Lakhan would be such for Ram, Raghav is right about you, he understands you well, he cares for you, he made this hangover drink for you, he is a true friend, he has handled everything himself. Pihu smiles. Raghav writes poetry about love and recalls Prachi.

Raghav and his brother hear someone fighting outside. Its morning, Adi and Brinda talk to Lakhan. Prachi signs Raghav. She asks is dad giving a press party because he won an award, he didn’t do this before. He says rain did the magic. Lakhan’s wife asks him to twin his clothes. He refuses. Brinda asks him to wear it, its good. He says okay. He says I hope we all will be here till 9pm. Prachi gets glad. Pihu says no way. Prachi says no, really, he said entire family. Pihu says I feel if we have a family pic, then its good, say the truth. Prachi says he wants us to come in one pic. Pihu says he wants to show that he is an amazing person, that he loves us. Prachi says you have to come. Pihu agrees and thinks even dad would have done this. Prachi says Raghav knew you will come. Pihu thinks he wants me to come. Raghav says they are coming. Lakhan asks about Sid and family. His wife comes. Pihu and Angad argue. Lakhan says I m not their dad, but their guardian, just for Priya’s sake. His wife Monica asks him to get Pihu married in time, she was drunk and created a scene. Pihu comes and hears them talking about her marriage. Pihu goes and argues with Monica. Lakhan asks Pihu to get easy. Pihu says don’t talk about Mahir and my marriage again. She asks Raghav to say something. Monica asks him to go. Pihu says he won’t go, this is my dad’s office, Lakhan can’t become like Ram, he didn’t accept us by heart, so he will get respect for namesake.

Pihu gets drunk. Mahir says I have spiked her drink. Raghav says she is okay. Pihu meets with an accident.

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