Badho Bahu 3rd April 2018 Written Update

Badho Bahu 3rd April 2018 Written Update by Pooja

Badho Bahu 3rd April 2018 Written Episode

Raghubir ji is in Akhada. A sin has happened in your Akhada before your eyes! I cannot even apologize to you for that. Pardon me. I will douse this diya for forever with these very hands. He is about to do so when Malti ji holds his hand. He asks her why she stopped him. You know how my son made my look down in front of everyone! I cannot face anyone. People used to take my name with so much respect earlier but he ruined everything! Mahender and I set this Akhada with our honestly and love. This lie shook everything! What else should I do then? He takes her with him to where the certificates are kept. He removes Lucky’s medal. It does not mean anything now. He throws it on the ground and is about to throw another when Malti ji gives him her swear. I am as much disturbed as you are! You are my strength

though. Who will give me strength if you will break apart? You have faith in Bajrang Bali right? Have faith. Things will mend just like they broke. She takes him inside.
Pragya wonders how Raghubir ji will calm down. Lucky Bhai can bear anything but not this. Badho Bhabhi isn’t here who can handle everything. Vardaan agrees with her. She thinks him to be Teji but is taken aback to see him. He tells her he knows what she is going through. She denies. You believe in truth only so you will doubt my brother only. Let it be. Go to your office. Vardaan says I also believe a lot in Lucky Jija ji. He is a great human being and a great wrestler. I learnt a lot from him about life. I too feel bad for him. I thought to meet you as you must be upset but it is ok. Take care. He goes. Pragya is going out when Teji comes. Where are you off to? She shakes her head. He has overheard her conversation with Vardaan and is happy with the way she scolded Vardaan.

Ram ji comes to Ahlawat House. Kamla ji and Pinki greet him. He asks about Titli and Malti ji. Kamla ji lies that Malti ji is unwell. Pinki adds that Titli seems upset. Ram ji asks them what happened. Kamla ji asks him what brought him here. He replies that he has even called Avinash and his mother there. It is Titli’s birthday today! Titli refuses to celebrate her birthday. Kamla ji says we will surely celebrate but Titli says it is my birthday so I will decide what I have to do. I don’t want to celebrate it. You can distribute the sweets to kids. Avinash says I have done it already. Avinash’s mother says we spread sweets in poor kids on Titli’s birthday. Avinash proposes to take Titli out for lunch. This way we will get to know each other. Ram ji agrees. Avinash’s mother tells Titli that Avinash has bought his favourite sweets on her birthday. Avinash offers Titli sweets but she throws it away. I told you I wont celebrate my birthday so I wont! I am not mad to celebrate when my friend is in trouble. Titli’s father and Avinash’s mother aren’t happy to see her reaction. She heads inside. Kamla ji murmurs that what she was worried about has happened.

Titli paces in her room angrily. Are these people mad? They want me to celebrate my birthday and even go out on lunch with Zalim Singh! No one cares about my friend Lucky. Malti Ma ji and Raghubir Babu ji are so worried while the others aren’t concerned at all. What should I do! She thinks to go out to check if Zalim Singh left.

Avinash’s mother points out that Titli already started showing her colours. She is very much concerned for her brother but couldn’t eat sweets from her would-be husband. This is no less than an insult to us! Pinki leans closer to her MIL. Kamla ji asks her if she understood her worth now. Titli joins them. She apologizes to Avinash’s mother. I agree I made a very big mistake. I took out my anger incorrectly. Pardon me if you both can. Even if you will still take me out for lunch then I am ready! I will go only if Babu ji will agree. Ram ji nods. Titli says he wont mind though as it is my birthday. Avinash agrees to make her day memorable. Ram ji suggests organizing a small party at home while they are away. Avinash’s mother says we will have a grand party. Kamla ji asks Avinash to take their car. Titli is excited to go out so she can look for Lucky.

Lucky reaches the place where the Ashram was supposed to be. He enquires with a few people but no one has any clue about it. It was a small camp and Baba ji took his devotees with him. We don’t know when he will return. It might be a week but they aren’t sure.

Komal wakes up thinking about Lucky. She struggles with her ropes and cries. Chunnu and Munnu tell her to divert her mind to the film. Please don’t cry. We too feel like crying seeing you thus. They remove the cloth from her mouth. Did you see a bad dream? Komal cries.

Avinash is happy to be out with Titli. He asks her where he should take her. Titli wonders where Lucky would go. He looked really disturbed when he left. Where can he be at this time? She recalls meeting Lucky outside a temple. Avinash suggests her to go to a famous restaurant. She is lost but then asks him to take her to temple first. We will then go anywhere you will say. That’s how I start my birthday. He readily agrees. She hopes she is able to find Lucky in the temple itself so she can get rid of Zalim Singh.

Lucky asks a few more people about Badho by showing her photo but no one has seen her. He looks dejected.

Titli reaches temple but does not find Lucky there. Avinash keeps smiling looking at her. Titli prays for Lucky’s well-being. Help me find him asap. She walks up to Pundit ji to ask about Lucky while Zalim Singh is praying but he too has not seen him. Titli leaves from there on her own.

Lucky drives around aimlessly. His past memories of victories and his injury flash before his eyes. He remembers forcing Randeep to lie for him; of Committee Member’s decision; how he hurt his Babu ji and of Komal’s trust in him. He is crying by the time he stops the car. Where are you Badho? I need you! I am completely broken. I cannot live without you. Please come back. How will I face the family if you wont come! Badho can be from the window of the house right in front of him. He bangs his hand on the bonnet. Badho thinks of him just then and looks out of the window. She smiles through her tears noticing him outside the window. Munnu covers her mouth so as to stop her from shouting.

Precap: Lucky looks at the window and walks towards the house where Badho has been kept.

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