Bahot Pyaar Karte Hai 15th November 2022 Written Update

Bahot Pyaar Karte Hai 15th November 2022 Written Update by H Hasan

Bahot Pyaar Karte Hai 15th November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dolly seeing Zoon and asks where is your Moj and Genie Papa. She asks why you are sad. Kaamna asks did you meet my grand daughter? Sameer and Kadambari’s daughter Zoon. Sameer says court has given her custody to us. Dolly and Shakuntala are shocked. Dolly says no problem, but Zoon will stay with us. She asks her to enjoy with Dadi and asks her to talk to Shakuntala. Sameer corrects her and says Zoon’s Dadi is Kaamna Maasi. Kaamna smiles. Sameer asks Zoon to come to her room. Kaamna tells Dolly that house is in her hands now. Dolly tries to feed food to Shakuntala. Indu and Ritesh come there. Dolly says Shakuntala is sad and not eating food. Indu promises her that she will bring Zoon back and asks her to have food. Ritesh asks her to have food. Dolly says we shall not be upset, and tells that Zoon is with us soon. Ritesh asks where is Zoon? Dolly says they have kept Zoon to a separate room beside their room. Ritesh gets angry. Indu asks Ritesh to come with him and tries to calm him down. She says Zoon can’t meet us, it is difficult for us, but we have to bear this pain. She says it is for few days only. Ritesh says Kadambari doesn’t take care of Zoon. Indu says if we do any mistake then we might lose her for forever. He feels restricted and trap.

The director calls Ritesh and tells that he will come there for script reading. Ritesh asks him to fix another meeting with Rahuk. Some caretakers come to Ritesh’s house and tells that Sameer called them. Sameer leaves Zoon’s hand and thinks if she will go to Indu. Zoon doesn’t go to Indu. Sameer introduces Zoon to Servants. He then asks Zoon to call them by their names. Zoon refuses and call them Didi. Sameer thinks he provoked Indu so much, but she is not reacting. Vivek comes to the travel agent to book the tickets. He comes to know that Sameer has booked the tickets. Vivek asks where are they going? He then informs Indu that they are leaving for Spain. Indu informs Ritesh about the same. Ritesh says I didn’t think that they will go so soon. Indu says we shall stop them, zoon can’t go anywhere. Ritesh asks her to talk to Meghna and tell her that they want to meet her. Indu tells meghna that they are coming to her office.

They come to Meghna’s office along with Vivek. Meghna says they are legal parents now and can take Zoon anywhere. Indu says Kadambari is doing this for money. Vivek asks if she got the money. Ritesh says else they wouldn’t be having free food at my house. Indu says if she don’t get the money. Meghna says stay can happen, if someone claims on the property. Vivek asks if she has siblings. Meghna says no. Ritesh says she is alone, else there would be some name. Meghna tells that she has checked the will, and had noted down, Nima Bakshi’s name was written. She goes to get the will.

Kaamna calls Ritesh and asks where are they? Ritesh says they are outside. He asks if Zoon slept. Kaamna says Zoon is sleeping with Nanny. Ritesh asks Kaamna to go and sleep with her. Kaamna says Sameer said that Zoon shall get habitual to sleep alone. Indu tells Ritesh that she will go home. She leaves. Kaamna calls Sameer and asks him to come home. She says Indu will come running and then you can get her arrested.

The caretaker ill treats Zoon. Dolly asks if you behave like this with the little girl. She scolds her and asks her to leave. Dolly tells Zoon that she will tell story to her, and asks what story she wants to hear. Indu comes there and stands outside. She hears Dolly telling story to Zoon. She gets teary eyes and cries. Dolly makes her sleep and comes out. She sees Indu crying. Indu hugs her. Dolly says I can understand your pain. Indu thanks Dolly and says I am getting Zoon’s smell from you. She hugs Dolly again and says I love you Zoon.

Precap: Sameer asks Indu if she want to get arrested then tell him and asks if she forgot court orders. Indu says Zoon is sleeping. Meghna tells about the clause. Ritesh says Nima bakshi.

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