Bahot Pyaar Karte Hai 19th November 2022 Written Update

Bahot Pyaar Karte Hai 19th November 2022 Written Update by H Hasan

Bahot Pyaar Karte Hai 19th November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dolly asking Anjali about tea. Anjali says it is nice. Dolly tells that Indu is lovely, but very simple. Anjali says she is very simple, but this world is for tit for tat. Servant brings Zoon there. Anjali asks how was your trip? zoon says it was good, and tells that she came with Rahul with plane. Zoon asks about Ritesh and Indu. Dolly says Ritesh went for shooting and Indu went to meet lawyer. Meghna asks Indu to give her all the small details about Asha. She asks her to ask Asha to be careful as Kadambari and others are very clever and can do anything to win the case. Vivek realizes Asha’s phone is off. Zoon calls Indu and tells that she has reached home. Indu gets emotional and asks Anjali to tell her that she will come home. Sunita calls Vivek and tells that Asha haven’t reached home. Vivek and Indu get worried.

Sameer has kidnapped Asha and asks why did you come between Ritesh and me and why? He says we were about to leave the country just as we get the money. He asks why did you interfere? Asha says for zoon, indu and for all my relations. Sameer says I don’t say this cheap lines in films. She says let me go. Sameer says if you don’t reach court and tells that he will show her death certificate, and get all property. Kadambari says you can’t separate Zoon and Indu. Samer says you don’t know what I can do.

Zoon asks Anjali when Genie papa and Moj will come. Anjali asks her to lie down on the bed and tells that she will tell her story. She begins telling the story. Vivaan comes there and enacts to tell the story. Zoon sleeps. Vivaan says lion asks will you my girlfriend? She asks what lioness reply? Indu calls Anjali and asks her to be with Zoon, and tells that Asha is missing. Anjali gets worried and shares with Vivaan. Vivaan thinks if Sameer kidnapped her. Sunita prays to God and asks him to keep Asha safe. Indu comes there and asks where is Bob ji? Sunita says he has gone to search Asha. She worries if anything happens to her. Vivek says Asha ji is strong and nothing will happen to her. Indu gets Ritesh’s call and tells that Moj is fine. Indu then tells Sunita that Ritesh told that Police is searching Asha everywhere. Sunita asks Indu to go home. Indu goes. Asha recalls her moments with Indu, Zoon, Sunita and Vivek. She thinks everyone must be worried. She thinks the goon had snatched my office phone, but my personal phone is in my bag. Indu comes home. Dolly asks about everyone. Indu says everyone is worried. Ritesh asks who had known about Asha going to meet client. Dolly says just Deep ji. Ritesh says it is not true, someone else might have known. Indu goes to see Zoon. Ritesh says we shall see her. Indu says we can’t break court orders. Asha cuts the rope and calls Indu. Indu doesn’t pick the call. Vivaan calls Sameer and asks where are you? Sameer asks if you had any work. Asha sees Sameer and goes back to her chair. Vivaan asks Sameer to come to club for drink. Sameer tells that he is leaving from club. Vivaan calls Club and comes to know that Sameer is not at club. He thinks Sameer is going to do something big.

Indu tells Ritesh that she used to sleep with zoon. She says Zoon used to keep her little hands on her face and sleep. She says if I was busy, then someone else would have slept with her. She tells that Asha never scolded Zoon and was like her another mother. She says if anything happens to Zoon then I will never forgive myself. Ritesh asks her to handle herself.

Precap: Ritesh gives strength to Indu. Indu finds Asha’s missed calls and calls her. Sameer hears the vibrating sound.

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