Bahot Pyaar Karte Hai 9th November 2022 Written Update

Bahot Pyaar Karte Hai 9th November 2022 Written Update by H Hasan

Bahot Pyaar Karte Hai 9th November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sameer telling that they don’t want to stay in the cheap house. He says we will leave, but not alone. He says my wife’s daughter will go with us. Ritesh asks have you gone mad and says I will not let this dream come true. Sameer says I will not let you torture you. He provokes him. Ritesh fights with Sameer. Indu and Dolly calm down Ritesh. Kadambari takes Sameer with her. They meet Kalpana and shows Ritesh’s childhood reports. Kalpana says now this case has gone against Indu. She says when we show this in court, then you will win. Kadambari gives her cheque. Kalpana says it is double. Kadambari says she will get both property and Zoon.

Indu asks Ritesh not to fight with Kadambari or Sameer. Ritesh asks her to concentrate on Zoon. Indu says I am taking care of Zoon since 5 years. Ritesh asks her not to lecture him and goes to his car. Indu goes back to Sunita’s house. Ritesh turns to look at Indu and goes.

Indu tells Vivek that she is going to court. Sunita is praying. Vivek says aunty is praying. Rajendra tells that Sunita will open Gita and see the shlok, it will be forecast for today. Sunita calls Zoon and asks her to open a page. Zoon opens a page. Rajendra asks what happened? Sunita reads that you shall do your karma and shall not wish for the fruit. Rajendra says it is right. Sunita asks her not to accept defeat. Ritesh comes there. Zoon goes to Indu seeing him. Ritesh calls Indu. Indu asks how is Maa? Ritesh says Deep Chachu will take Maa home from hospital. He bends down on his knees and apologizes to Zoon holding his ears. He says I will bear the punishment, you can push or beat me, but don’t get angry. He promises that he will not get angry. Zoon says mistake was mine, I shouldn’t have done this. She says Moj says that Papa scolds when the child does mistake. Seh says Nikhil’s Papa scolds him when he does mistake and hugs him. Vivek asks them to go to court. Ritesh says we will have fun in the evening. Zoon says all the best.

Kaamna gives evil eye bracelet to Sameer and Kadambari and says you will not get any bad sight. Kadambari says they will win. She asks Kaamna to execute on their plan. Kaamna says with this plan, we all three will benefit, so it will be a success.

Judge comes to the court room and wishes Indu and Ritesh for their marriage. Kadambari says I want to tell you, that you can congratulate me, as I got married to Sameer Malhotra. Judge congratulates them and says you said that you will not marry. Kadambari says that day I realized that zoon needs a father too. She says she married Sameer as he loves Zoon. Sameer says he will be father of Zoon. Judge says you both got married, says Ritesh is financially stable. Sameer says even I am financially stable. Judge says both couples are perfectly fit for adoption. Kadambari says I want to withdraw Zoon’s custody application, and says they dont want her custody. She acts. Sameer says I am with her. Ritesh and Indu are shocked. Kadambari sheds teary eyes and says I am worried for my daughter’s health. Sameer says Zoon is suffering a lot and her mental health is not good. Kadambari says I can stay away from her for her safety. Judge says this is the matter of a girl’s life. Kadambari says I can’t see her pain. Judge asks if Zoon is in pain. Kadambari says I didn’t see Zoon since yesterday, as she is in foster care. She says after whatever happened yesterday, Zoon is scared to come there. She says I don’t want anyone to hurt my daughter, I can’t see her pain, and that’s why wants to withdraw the case. Ritesh tells Indu that he didn’t see such a cheap woman. Judge asks who has beaten Zoon? Sameer says Ritesh Malhotra. Judge asks Ritesh if this is truth. Indu tells Judge that whatever happened with Zoon is due to kadambari. Judge says I asked Ritesh and not you. She asks Ritesh did you push Zoon? Ritesh is silent. kadambari says don’t ask him, he is my brother in law, don’t insult him in court. Judge says this is my court and not Malhotra house. She says Ritesh has to answer. Kadambari acts and says sorry. Judge asks did you mistreat Zoon. Ritesh says yes. Kadambari looks at Sameer. Ritesh says I had pushed Zoon. Judge asks why did you do this, when you love her so much. Ritesh says I will tell you, don’t come in their talks.

Kaamna comes to the Senior Police officer and says she came for work. He says I got confused why you need him. Kaamna asks where is he? Vilas says he is in Nasik jail and can be released in few days. Kaamna thanks him and thinks they didn’t know that the blast will stand infront of them. Ritesh tells everything to Judge. He says I swear that I didn’t push her intentionally. He says I reacted. Judge says I understand, if you had patient at home, then you should have told Zoon about her being a responsible parents, which you didn’t do. She says parents can’t ignore delicate matter. She says this is your big mistake with the handicapped girl.

Precap: Kadambari tells Judge that Ritesh has no control on his anger, I love zoon a lot and for me, her safety comes first. Ritesh asks what nonsense you are saying. Judge asks Ritesh about his anger issues. Ritesh says I had gone for therapies in my childhood for anger issues. Judge asks Indu, if you know about Ritesh’s anger issues before marriage.

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