Bahu Begum 10th December 2019 Written Update

Bahu Begum 10th December 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Bahu Begum 10th December 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Adil asking Noor how she got the info about this place. Noor says she has tracked his pic. Shayra says you got Azaan, and tells that those people are lucky who gets their love. Adil asks her to go and not to spoil their happiness. Noor asks why you are doing this? Shayra says whatever she is doing is for her happiness and love. She hugs Adil. Adil signs Noor to leave. After Noor leaves, Shayra pushes Adil and asks him to go far from her, else she will kill him and will take her own life too. Adil says girls are confusing and tells that you didn’t do right by doing this. He says just one button and then…He says I have to get the cameras removed from begum mahal as Noor came to know about the cameras. He says and you….Azaan comes to Noor’s room and calls her. Mashuqa stops him and says it is not right to see bride’s face now. Razia comes and asks why you are not answering and is about to see Dilruba. Azaan coughs. Razia calls Dilruba and asks to bring water. Dilruba says ji bahu begum. Razia and Azaan are shocked. Razia asks him where is Noor and why you are wearing her clothes? Dilruba says she went somewhere. Azaan says this means even Noor left me. Noor comes back home wearing gardener’s clothes. He asks what happened to you? Noor says she had gone to search Shayra. She says Shayra will not return and cries. She says she is happy with Adil. She says I thought there is a misunderstanding, but it was wrong. She tells everything to Azaan.

Azaan says same thing is happening which had happened with Ammi. He says everyone will call me deserted husband now. Noor asks him not to think like that. Azaan says this is a blo*dy truth, Shayra has left me. Razia tries to pacify him and says you need rest. She takes Azaan with her. Mashuqa and Dilruba come to Noor. Noor says she is fine and asks them to go. She thinks if Shayra is fine or not. Adil puts rope on Shayra’s neck and makes her stand on the table. He then shoots at the table. Shayra shouts.

Noor telling Razia that she can’t marry Azaan as the problem’s solution is not marriage. Razia says when you left from here, Azaan thought you left him like Shayra. She asks her not to leave him and says his life is depended on your one decision. He makes table fall down. Shayra struggles to breath as the rope gets tighten. Shayra falls with the fan on which she is tied with. Adil says you are heavy and asks her to look at him. Shayra faints and calls Azaan. Adil calls the doctor and says I won’t let you die so easily. Azaan gets up and takes out her dupatta from the cupboard. He sits down and shouts Shayra’s name. He says when you left me, why can’t I hate you. Noor looks at him. Razia comes there. Noor tells that Azaan couldn’t believe that Shayra betrayed him. She says even she couldn’t believe this and says Shayra couldn’t betray him. Razia says you have seen with your own eyes and says you loves him, do you think he deserves this? Noor says I love him, but Azaan loves Shayra more than I love him. She says how to complete my love, snatching someone else love.

Razia hugs Noor and asks when did you grow up? She wishes to have stopped Azaan and Shayra’s marriage and goes. The same doctor who had fixed chip in Azaan’s mouth, checks Shayra and says she is pregnant. Adil asks what did you say? Doctor says again that she is pregnant. Shayra gets emotional hearing this and says you are going to be Abbu Azaan. Adil comes back after dropping Doctor out and tells Shayra that she is happy. He says I just can’t believe that I am going to be a father, heroine and khalnayak’s baby. He goes.

Shayra thinks her love went far away from him, but his safekeeping is with her. Azaan says I can’t forgive you, ever as I still love you.

Precap: Razia asks Noor not to take Shayra’s side. Noor says she wants Shayra and Azaan’s misunderstanding to be cleared. Azaan asks her to marry him tonight.

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