Bahu Begum 19th August 2019 Written Update

Bahu Begum 19th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Bahu Begum 19th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Doctors taking Shayra to the OT. Noor asks Azaan not to cry and says nothing will happen to our Shayra. Azaan pushes her on floor and says what did you say, our Shayra? He says you have no right to call her yours and says Shayra accepted you. He says Shayra was ready to give her love to you and says she fulfilled friendship and you have enmity towards her. Noor asks why are you saying this? Azaan says this is truth, you have insulted Khala. She has taught you to give own’s life for others, but you learnt to snatch other’s life. He says Khala was best Ammi in the world, but you was the worst. Noor says I didn’t want this and asks him to believe her. He pushes her and asks her not to touch her. Razia and Saba come there and are shocked. Azaan tells Razia that he don’t want

to see her face. Noor asks her to tell Azaan. Razia says you had already said so much and have done too. She says if anything happens to my bahu then..She asks her to go away from there. Even Saba turns her face. Noor runs from there and says you wanted to punish Shayra for her sins, then how you become her guilty. Azaan looks at Shayra as she is in the ICU and recalls the moments between them. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays…..
Saba recalls blaming Shayra, comes to Azaan and says sorry. Doctors check her pulse. Azaan asks Nurse about Shayra. Nurse says nothing can be said. He comes inside. Doctor tells that patient is critical and seems like she has left her wish to live. He comes to her ICU bedside and tells her about their dreams. He says we have to fulfill all our dreams and asks her to become fine. He recalls Shayra walking holding his hand and telling that she is learning to walk in love. She says if the two lovers hold each other’s hands then one’s life is connected to other. Fb ends. He holds her hand and asks her to take all his life, but please come back.

Noor comes there and asks Razia to let her go once. Razia requests her to go from there and says if you stay here then I might say something which won’t be good. Doctor comes and says Patient is critical and lost wish to live. Azaan recalls Shayra requesting him to marry Noor. He comes out, takes Noor inside. Doctor asks him not to bring the crowd. Azaan tells Shayra that he has understand what she wants and gives Noor’s hand in Shayra’s hand, then holds their hands. He says I am ready to marry Noor and asks her not to leave him, come back. Shayra starts taking heavy breath and opens her eyes. Azaan asks Doctor to check her. Doctor checks her and says unbelievable. Azaan kisses her forehead and asks if she is fine? Shayra falls unconscious. Doctor says she is fine and tells that his love brought her back from death. Azaan goes out.

Surayya throws tea cup from Lawyer’s hand and threatens to send him to jungle if he don’t bring her son out. Lawyer says if Noor takes the complaint back then Khalid will be freed. Surayya says you want me to plead infront of that Servant, then why did we hire you. She asks him to leave. Lawyer runs away.

Azaan tells Razia that Noor and Shayra convinced him and says what about him. He says he will break without Shayra. Razia is shocked. Noor comes to her. Razia congratulates her and asks her to go and celebrate. She says just as Meenu left, you have changed your colors. She says if she would have been alive then would have been ashamed to see your doings. She says I thought you sharp at tongue, but innocent, but I was wrong., She says Meenu was burnt that day, but today her soul must be burning. Noor goes to Azaan and asks him to hear what she said. Azaan goes from there.

Azaan comes out of hospital. Noor holds his shoulder. Azaan asks her not to touch him. She asks what happened, now everything is fine. Azaan asks if whatever happened between us was fine and tells that he hates to have her as his childhood friend. She says we have searched Shayra together. Azaan says friendship is not selfish and tells that you have snatched my happiness. He says my Ammi and Shayra are crying today and you will have blood tears and will be alone all life. Noor asks if he has finished and says now she will say and you will listen. She says I searched and saved her life and whoever is coming, praising Shayra and scolding me. She says I feel that I shouldn’t have saved her and must have left her to die there. Azaan shouts. Noor says Shayra has saved me and I saved her, scores are settled. She says she snatched my Ammi, and I snatched you from her. Azaan says I will marry you as Shayra has promised you. He says I will marry you, but will never show right on you. He says I will always love Shayra till my last breath, but not you. He says you have lost your friend and your well wisher. He says whatever you had done was wrong and whatever you are doing now is wrong. He says you are wrong person. He says Shayra and I will separate, but you will be alone. He leaves. Noor says this all is happening because of Shayra, says he hates her because of Shayra, badi Ammi is upset. She says she will not cry, but will make others cry. She says I won’t be alone, as you will be with me and your love is mine. She says you thinks me wrong, now I will show you doing wrong and looks on as obsessive and crazy.

Precap: Noor announces her elan e nikah with Azaan infront of guests.

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