Bahu Begum 21st January 2020 Written Update

Bahu Begum 21st January 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Bahu Begum 21st January 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Khalid telling Razia that Noor can’t accept her decision as she has already moved on. He says there is someone in her life already. Razia asks what? Khalid says yes. He says Noor, when you was talking to someone on call, I heard everything and tells Razia that she loves the person very much and has all the wealth because of him. Razia asks Noor to say and asks if there is someone in her life. Noor says I can’t do this and says sorry. In the room, Noor talks to Shayra’s pic and says you know that I love him so much, but he loves you. She says I will never try to take your place in his life and says you know that. Azaan says infact Shayra knew that. Azaan thanks her for making him see the truth that Shayra is gone. He says he is feeling relieved and today he is fine. Noor hugs him and smiles. He asks if there is someone in your life in reality. Noor asks do you think that I can’t find anyone. Azaan asks her to call him here. Noor says the truth is something else. Dilruba comes there and tells that the person came himself, about whom Noor haven’t told us. An old man is standing in the house. Noor comes there and says Radhe…what are you doing here? She hugs him. Everyone comes there.

Noor hugs the old man. The old man says he is Radhe Shyam agarwal, looks like 75, but he is 75. He says you might be thinking when and how Noori knew me. He says when a bike rider hit me on the road, Noor came to him and scolded the biker. He says he was having everything, house, money and wealth, but he didn’t have the family and tells that he was unaware of fatherly feelings, but Noor gave him daughter’s love and says she scolds and love him too. Razia praises her. Radhe Shyam says he heard so much about all of them and asks who is he? He then laughs and says he is joking and asks if he is Azaan and Noori’s best friend. He says Noor talks to me more about you. She asks what are you doing here? He says he was getting bored so he came. Khalid asks if she was saying I love you to him. Radhe Shyam asks if a daughter can’t say I love you to her father. He asks if her mission is completed and asks if she wants to stay here. Noor says no, I will come with you and tells that she will pack her bags.

Razia asks Azaan if he will not stop Noor. Azaan asks if she will stop on my insistence. Razia asks if he can forget her. Azaan says he can’t forget her. Razia asks if he can live without her. Noor thinks she can’t stay with him as she knows that he don’t love her. She hugs their photo frame and cries, recalling their moments. She says I am sorry Azaan, I am leaving you once again, asks for apology. She packs her trolley and comes out. She don’t see anyone in the hall.

Mashuqa comes there and gives the photoframe. Azaan tells that she is his only friend and they are friends even before they could know the meaning of love. He says when I came with Shayra, you accepted her, but your mind got corrupted, but you became better. He says Shayra didn’t return after 5 years, but you have returned and saved begum mahal. Noor finds the property papers. Azaan says you made me realized that I can’t let this person go away from my life and brings the mirror. Noor looks at her face in the mirror. Azaan bends down on his knees and says that is my pyaari Noori, so that we can fight again, can laugh again, can behave like kids again and asks will you please marry me. Noor is surprised. Everyone waits for Noor’s answer. Azaan takes out the chocolate and says he didn’t get time to bring ring, so….

Noor says you know that I don’t like dark chocolate, but milk chocolate, but I will take this at the moment. She says I love you Azaan. Ishq hi khuda plays……They hug each other. Razia is thankful to God. Razia hugs them. Khalid, Mashuqa, Dilruba and Radhe Shyam smiles. Just then Shayra comes there and calls Azaan. Everyone is shocked to see her.

No Precap.

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  1. Angry
    January 30, 19:08 Reply

    Where are the next episodes you cant just end the show when iT becomes intressting im dissopontant and angry at you ,!,!,,,,,!!!!!’!! You better post the next episodes other wise i Will sue you alll

  2. Shalini
    January 27, 09:40 Reply

    total series was very nice but the ending is a flop

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