Balika Vadhu 19th September 2015 Written Update

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Balika Vadhu 19th September 2015 Written Update by H Hasan

Balika Vadhu 19th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Disa travelling in the bus to reach the place where Jagya would be coming to campaign for Akhiraj. She sees Akhiraj sitting and covers her face. Conductor sees Nimboli hiding under the seat and asks her to get down. Disa sees Nimboli and tells conductor that she will pay him money for the ticket. She says I told you to stay at home. Nimboli says I heard your conversation with Kamli, and that’s why came here to be with you. She says I will protect and save you if any troubles come your way. Disa says she has become mature. Suddenly the bus is stopped on the way. Kamli asks Harki about Nimboli. She says she didn’t know. Kamli gets tensed. Conductor tells that there is a problem in the engine so the bus cannot reach the destination. He asks them to catch another bus, with same ticket. Disa thinks how to reach the place. Nimboli asks why we are going to Kamli’s inlaws place. Nimboli sees Akhiraj coming in his jeep and covers Disa with someone shawl. Akhiraj asks the people to move from the way and let the jeep go. Nimboli tells I heard you lying to Akhiraj.

Disa and Nimboli hide themselves as Akhiraj goes in his jeep. The man asks Disa to pay money for the shawl. Disa gives him 50 Rs and turns to see Nimboli missing. She calls for her. Nimboli tells her that she talked to a lowry driver and he agreed to give them lift. They get in the truck/lowry. She asks Tomato with the driver’s consent. Disa thinks to reach Jagya before Akhiraj meets him. Akhiraj comes to the place where Jagya would be coming to support him in elections. The organizer of the function boasts about Akhiraj’s doings for people. Everyone say that their neta/politician should be like Akhiraj. Akhiraj goes on stage and says his heart is touched with their respect and honor. The driver stops the car and then again start it. Akhiraj tells he has fulfilled his responsibility always and saved his daughter and son in law. He says he is waiting for a chance to serve them. Everyone applaud for him. Someone announces that MLA Jagya would be coming in sometime.

Kamli hears people talking about Akhiraj assumed win and tells Harki will become rani. Kamli prays that Akhiraj’s dreams should be shattered and Disa meets Jagya on time. Disa gets down at the place with Nimboli and see Akhiraj’s big hoardings with Jagya. Nimboli says she want to meet Jagya. Disa asks her to be silent and stay there itself. She goes to see if Akhiraj is with Jagya. She hears someone talking and saying MLA will reach in sometime. They see Disa silently hearing them, but leaves. Disa comes out of the function place and holds Nimboli’s hands. They see a car coming on the road. Nimboli calls MLA ji…..Jagya is seen talking on phone and didn’t listen to Nimboli’s sayings. Nimboli and Disa run after his car. Jagya finally sees Nimboli running behind his car and looks shocked.

Disa shows some proof against Akhiraj and asks Jagya not to support him. Jagya is shocked.

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