Balika Vadhu 1st September 2015 Written Update

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Balika Vadhu 1st September 2015 Written Update by H_Hasan

Balika Vadhu 1st September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nimboli opening the door and asking the person who is he? The man tells he is from a bank. Akhiraj comes and asks about his purpose of visit. The bank employee tells that he want to talk to Kamli. He tells he can’t give any information to him as he has to follow the rules. Kamli comes and asks if her work is done. The bank employee tells that a locker is allotted to her on her name as requested by her. Kamli asks can I come today? The bank employee says yes. Kamli says she will keep 100 tolas gold and her jewellery in bank locker and looks at Akhiraj. Akhiraj looks on shockingly. Kamli asks Nimboli to bring her bag. Nimboli brings it. Kamli tells it is unsaved to keep jewellery at home. The bank employee says yes and asks her to come with him. Akhiraj stops Kamli and tells how can you go alone, I will come with you. Kamli refuses to let him come with her, and says her husband is there to protect her. Pushkar nods. They leave. Akhiraj is angry.

A child comes to the hospital to get treated at Jagya’s hospital. Anant comes and says he will treat him. Sonu insists to go home. Anandi puts soft ball on his nose and asks him to come with him to see the circus. While Sonu is busy playing, Anant puts ointment on his wound and treats him. Jagya and Ganga looks on smilingly. Sonu tells his parents that he want to stay there itself. Sonu’s mum tells Jagya that Dr. Anant is a magician. Jagya, Ganga and Anant smiles.

Akhiraj tells Harki that Kamli is keeping my 100 tolas gold in her locker. He tells Jatashankar was returning him gold, but she stopped him. He says I am taking care of their food, shelter etc. Kamli and Pushkar comes there. Kamli tells I didn’t come here with my wish, as you have brought me here for your selfish motive. She gives him a bundle of notes and says she will pay the rent for the Adharamshala. Akhiraj tells he hates Kamli so much. Harki asks him to calm down and concentrate on elections. Akhiraj promises to break Kamli’s ego.

Nimboli is showing game to Pushkar. Kamli tells her that Pushkar is a good player and is innocent at heart. Kamli tries to keep suitcase on the almira, and gets hurt. Pushkar gets concerned and goes to bring medicine. Kamli gets touched by his gesture. Nimboli tells Pushkar is very good man, you didn’t want to marry him as you loves Gopal. Kamli keeps hand on her mouth and tells life has taught her a good teaching. She says she has two options, one to cry for her situation, and other to find a key for her happiness. She says I accepted second option. Nimboli says it means you like Pushkar jijusaa. Kamli nods.

Pooja asks now we can’t meet. Mannu tells I remember only one promise which I made to you during our marriage. Pooja says they have trusted us. Mannu says there is a huge difference with their child marriage and ours. He says we got married with our wish, love each other, and our baby is also involved now. He says we couldn’t accept Jagya and Anandi’s advice, and they didn’t know that our family has started. We will never be separated. Pooja looks on.

Jagya gets Akhiraj’s call and says I will reach tomorrow. Akhiraj thinks once Jagya comes here, I will take care of you very well, so that you don’t refuse me. Kundan is repairing his cycle. Madhav suggests him to buy a scooter. Kundan tells that he is sleeping alone in his room. Madhav shows him that Nimboli is coming. Kundan sees her coming with water pots on her head. He gets water pots from her head, and blames Urmila for not working. Nimboli tells Urmila shall take rest as she is pregnant. Kundan tells she is just making excuses. Nimboli takes Urmila’s side. Kundan tells Nimboli that Urmila is escaping from work as she is pregnant. He asks her to get pregnant to escape from working. Nimboli gets thinking.

Jagya saves Nimboli. Nimboli thanks him and invites him home. Akhiraj thinks Jagya should not know that Nimboli is our bahu. Jagya comes home and Nimboli introduces herself as Kundan’s wife. Akhiraj gets tensed. Kundan tries to take Nimboli’s advantage and pushes her on the ground. Disa prays for Nimboli’s safety.

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