Balika Vadhu 31st July 2015 Written Update

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Balika Vadhu 31st July 2015 Written Update by Amena

Balika Vadhu 31st July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kundan bringing googles for Urmila. She tries it happily. Kundan praises her. He then gets Madhav’s call. Urmila asks where are you going? Kundan asks her not to question him again and tells that he is her husband. Nimboli comes there and tries to hold the googles, but Urmila stops her saying it is brought by her husband. Nimboli tells that Kundan never brought anything for her and says she is his wife too. Urmila reminds Nimboli that Harki told that Kundan has only one wife and that’s her. Nimboli looks on sadly.

Kamli asks Pushkar if he felt bad about her scolding. Pushkar says no, and says he felt good beating the goons. He gets upset and says everyone tells him mad. Kamli says you are not mad, but very innocent. Pushkar gets happy and hugs her saying he is very lucky to have her in his life as his wife. Kamli reciprocates his hug and smiles.

Ganga comes to Dadisaa and tells that Mannu is not talking to her like before. She says it seems some other Mannu came back. Dadisaa asks her to accept Pooja as Mannu loves her. Ganga says she will never accept her. Dadisaa says you will never get your son then. Ganga says she will never be defeated from that girl and goes. (It seems Ganga has forgotten her past and the way Jagya accepted her when she was poor and victimized by her husband. She was not equivalent or suitable to Jagya in any way that time).

Kundan comes to his room and asks Urmila to open the door. Urmila refuses and says she will open the door in the morning. She says she is protecting herself. Kundan recalls Devi’s words and agrees. Urmila asks him to sleep to next room as she has kept his clothes there. Kundan goes.

Nimboli is cleaning the room. Urmila tells that she will not switch on the TV. Nimboli tells that she don’t have time as she is going to play with Pampo. Urmila asks who is she? Nimboli asks her to come along with her and play. Urmila thinks she shall go, and then thinks of Kundan’s words. She tells Nimboli that Kundan asked her not to talk with Nimboli. Hearing this Nimboli thinks Urmila is strange.

Mannu asks Pooja to accept her mother’s sayings and not apply sindoor on her forehead. Pooja agrees and asks Mannu to return Jagya’s phones to him. Mannu reguses and says they have done injustice by getting us separated. Jagya hears him. Mannu looks on tensedly.

Nimboli and Pampodi are playing. A boy comes there and asks her to go home and work in kitchen. He takes Pampo’s kanche and throws it water. Pampodi cries. Nimboli couldn’t see her tears and sees the arrogant boy playing cricket. She throws stone on his head injuring him. Dhani Ram comes there and asks the boy Ramesh (his son) what happened? Other man identifies Nimboli as Akhiraj’s daughter in law.

Jagya tells Ganga that Mannu has his phones with him. Ganga asks are you sure? Mannu comes there and confesses to have stolen the money from his wallet and also accepts to have stolen the phones. Jagya appreciates his truthfulness and asks him to keep phones with him and Pooja. Mannu thanks him.

Dhani Ram and the other villagers come to Akhiraj’s house with Nimboli. Akhiraj looks on.

Pushkar’s dad returns 100 tolas gold to Akhiraj, but Kamli snatches the gold from his hand. Jagya calls Akhiraj and asks him to come home. Dadisaa calls Anandi to her house as she is unwell. Akhiraj comes to haveli and Dadisaa feels as if she saw him before.

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