Bandhan 16th April 2015 Written Update

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Bandhan 16th April 2015 Written Update by Atiba

Bandhan 16th April 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Bhao claps and says to cops they let the brother flee and you let the sister flee. Lets laugh on this together. bhao takes out his gun and shoots all of them. he says i wont leave you darpan and ganesh.
Magician lady says i can do something that can bring you parents to help you. Darpan says i can’t wait for them. she says you both have helped me a lot i would never have been her without you but i have to move forward myself now.

Bhao calls someone and says a prisoner and an elephant flee in the jungle. They are very dangerous for people of dalma. the prisoner killed inspector as well. she should be caught, i request for security to catch them.

Bhao comes out of his car. he asks where is he? Cop says our men have surrounded them. When bhao goes there is a person in a large bag. cop says he is darpan. they take him out, its a constable. Bhao says he is not darpan? darpan is not an officer, i wont leave you darpan.
Suman and darpan are in the car. Suman says lets go from here.

Darpan comes to vishwas’s house and says vishwas rao you took my family from me i will take my family from you and lets see who stops me. In the end truth shall win. She goes in with suman and the other lady. a man says stop and points gun at them. Ganesh comes and shoves him. darpan says thanks ganesh you are always there for me. now listen to me we are going in we have to take them all out, till then stay here and don’t let anyone come in. take care, ganesh nods.

Darpan goes and unropes raghav, he says who are you? i asked you to stay away from all this. i saw darpan you are not darpan. darpan says shaku’s sari. Raghav recalls when they ruined it. darpan says we torn her sari and.. raghav says danced on it. darpan says we promised we wont tell it to anyone. Raghav says darpan.. darpan hugs him. SAnju says raghav we should run from here. darpan says yes before someone comes. they go out. Meethi comes and says what is this fake darpan doing here? raghav says she is the real darpan. She risked her life to save ours. Meethi hugs darpan and kisses her forehead. Meethi says lets go from here. Bhao comes screaming, darpan if you want to save your brother come out. darpan is dazed.

Precap-darpan says all the doors are closed no one can go out from here. He says you got stuck in my game. darpan says no you stuck in my game. look around you. darpan comes with a fire.

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  1. yasmin ahmed
    April 17, 06:25 Reply

    vishwas Rao ur game is over!!! Darpan congrats nd take ur Revenge ma gwal lop uh!!!

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