Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th November 2022 Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th November 2022 Written Update by MA

Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th November 2022 Written Episode

Kabir calls Tulika and asks her to come soon as he is eager to meet her. Banni walks in with a feast for him and smiles at him. Kabir laughs asking if its a feast of her defeat. Banni says its a ritual named bindori, though her marriage was fake, Kabir’s marriage is true and hence she brought bindori for him. Kabir shouts if she thinks he will have her prepared food; she may be trying to revive Yuvan, but she is a fool to think so. Banni asks if he is afraid of Yuvan, she didn’t know he such a coward. Kabir leaves from there ignoring her.

Banni feels he will return and counts her fingers. Kabir returns and says he will have bindori. He checks food and asks if she mixed poison in food. Banni hopes she could have done that, but since Yuvan stays in him, she won’t. Kabir asks if she mixed any drugs. Banni says its a pure bindori. Kabir says she was playing a fake wedding drama to stop his marriage, but today brought bindori. He insists her to have food and prove she didn’t mix anything. Banni thinks if she eats this food, she will also fall asleep with Kabir. She agrees though and shares food with him recalling sharing food with Yuvan earlier. She thinks drug will affect her in 15 minutes, she need to inform Myra to take Kabir’s phone somehow.

Banni signals Myra to serve them water. Myra does. Banni takes Myra aside and asks her to find out who sent that message to Kabir. Myra gives her lemonade and says it will lessen drug effect. Charmie calls them writhing in stomachache and informs that Viraj and his parents have gone out. Banni sends Charmie to hospital with Myra. She thinks she can’t trust anyone else than these 2 in this house and before she falls asleep should check Kabir’s phone and find out who sent that message to Kabir.

Kabir orders florist to decorate the whole house with flowers before Tulika returns. Banni walks to him. Kabir asks if all the prewedding rituals are over or something else is left. Banni looks at his mobile and says he needs to give her some gift in exchange of bindori. Kabir says Banni wants his life in exchange of bindori; he knows her plan to find out who the person is behind Yuvan’s past trauma, but she can’t do anything to him. Banni says she knows he will not let Yuvan get out and will marry Tulika tomorrow. She requests him to hug him and feel Yuvan. Kabir shouts he is Kabir and only Tulika has right on him.

Banni says she just needs 2 minutes of Yuvan’s loving hug. Kabir agrees. Banni hugs him recalling hugging Yuvan, then gets into senses and tries to pick his mobile. He pushes her away and asks what was she doing. She says his phone was interfering between them. He keeps his phone in his pant pocket and says she has only 1 minute left. Banni hugs him again and silently picks his mobile. Kabir catches her.

Precap: Banni uses her love to awaken Yuvan from Kabir’s mind.

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