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Beintehaa Fan Page 5

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  1. Saam
    January 16, 23:28 Reply

    Happy belated birthday zain

  2. Dream Frost
    January 14, 10:58 Reply

    Ishq sabhi ko jena sikha deta hai,
    wafa ke naam par marna sikha deta hai,
    ishq nahi kiya to karke dekho,
    zalim har dard sehna sikha deta hai

    • Azalea
      January 14, 11:55

      Api how r u

  3. Azalea
    January 09, 20:30 Reply

    Assalamu Alaikum people
    Omg I can’t believe you people are back
    So so happy yaar

    • Saam
      January 10, 13:13

      Walaikum Assalam Azalea

  4. Dream Frost
    January 08, 22:41 Reply

    Sometimes, certain things happen in our life at the most unexpected time.
    We neither wish for them, nor we’re wanting them at that time.
    But this is what life is.
    Our wishes always remain unfulfilled and things which we never expect happens.

  5. Saam
    January 06, 22:32 Reply

    When some people leave you breaking all your expectations and love,
    Their where mean to leave you bcoz you need to learn that life and people come with expiry date,
    There is no Forever in any relationship…

  6. Saam
    January 06, 22:29 Reply

    Just some thoughts in mind
    Drive you crazy,
    Make you go insane,
    Don’t let that thoughts destroy you
    Let it go with flow,
    You will find yourself in a new peace at the end ☺️

  7. Saam
    January 06, 22:28 Reply

    Sometime unexpected people make you soo
    much happy,
    And that unexpected happiness is so special than any higher expectations ♥️

  8. Saam
    January 01, 16:07 Reply

    Jiya have my mail id zain ask her to mail me bcoz I’m not getting her mail I’d

  9. Saam
    January 01, 04:06 Reply

    Happy 2020 to all

    May you all have a great year ahead
    Wishing you all a happy and a blessed year

    Wishing you all a Happy 2020

    Happy New year to all

    May new year brings lots of love and happiness❤️😊

    • Saam
      January 06, 19:50

      Yuhi nahi dil lubhata koi

      I don’t remember this lyrics ☺️🙈

  10. Saam
    January 01, 04:03 Reply

    Happy new year to all ❤️

    Missing you all so much 🤗😊

  11. Zoha
    December 31, 18:10 Reply

    May 2020 brings peace and happiness for u All ❤️
    Happy new year.
    And I miss you All

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