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Beintehaa Fan Page 5

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  1. Saam
    December 31, 01:58 Reply

    It’s a last day of 2019
    Wish you all have great year ahead
    Wishing you all a very happy new year in advance
    Lots of love and happiness
    -ruhi khan

    • Zain Khan
      December 31, 03:25

      Visit old pages you should get Jiya’s Email address and message her she’ll give you my mail♥️

  2. Dream Frost
    December 27, 19:31 Reply

    ” Forgiving people who have hurt you
    is your gift to them
    Forgetting people who have hurt you
    is your gift to you”

    That is not at all easy!

    • Saam
      December 31, 01:59

      indeed it’s the hardest thing to do…

  3. Saam
    December 27, 17:30 Reply

    Having you as mine was My pride,
    And while losing you I lost mine 💔
    -ruhi khan

  4. Saam
    December 27, 17:29 Reply

    When you are hurt,
    Let the broken pieces of your heart heal,
    Bcoz healing of every wound is important or else it becomes a life time pain….
    -ruhi khan

  5. Dream Frost
    December 27, 13:34 Reply

    “Some people come in our life as blessings.
    Some come in your life as lessons.”

  6. Saam
    December 25, 06:52 Reply

    Tired and broken
    Lost and shattered
    When you lose yourself in pleasing others
    You lose your self completely and never can heal…
    -ruhi khan

  7. Dream Frost
    December 24, 07:19 Reply

    Most of the problems in life are because of two reasons: We act without thinking,
    And we keep thinking without acting!

  8. Dream Frost
    December 24, 07:18 Reply

    Life isn’t always perfect;
    Life isn’t always easy;
    Life doesn’t always make sense;
    But that’s the beauty of life!

  9. Zain Khan
    December 23, 20:43 Reply

    Saam message to sweety she will give you my email address❤️ And miss you all soo much

    • Saam
      December 23, 22:35

      How can I msg sweety? I m not in contact with anyone 😔

  10. Saam
    December 22, 23:51 Reply

    Not only break ups hurt,
    Even losing friends hurt more than that,
    Bcoz they are the people who promise to be with you in up and downs…
    -ruhi khan

  11. Saam
    December 22, 23:49 Reply

    You are in this pain bcoz u have choose it for yourself,
    Move on, let your soul heal,
    Let your heart mend,
    Your heart will find peace and the person who will love and protect it and will never break your heart…
    -ruhi khan

  12. Dream Frost
    December 22, 17:57 Reply

    Fact of life:
    If everyone is happy with you,
    they surely you have made many
    compromises in your life.
    If you are happy with everyone,
    surely you have ignored many faults of others. 

  13. Saam
    December 22, 14:29 Reply

    Not every failure meant to break you
    Some are meant to make you what you are now
    Allah swt break you so you grow up strong and turn to him with strong tawakkul…
    -ruhi khan

  14. Dream Frost
    December 22, 09:38 Reply

    Bahut khubsurat hote hai,
    Wo pal jab koi dost saath hote hai,
    Lekin usse bhi khubsurat hote hai,
    Wo lamhe jab dur rahkar bhi
    Wo humein yaad karte hai.

  15. Saam
    December 22, 01:48 Reply

    When u are in pain
    Remember you are not alone
    Allah swt is with you
    Pray cry in sujood
    He knows your pain yet he want to listen to you…
    -ruhi khan

  16. Dream Frost
    December 21, 20:11 Reply

    Sab ke dilon ka ehasas alag hota hai,
    is duniya mein sab ka vyavahaar alag hota hai,
    aankhen to sab ki ek jaisi hi hoti hai,
    par sab ka dekhane ka andaz alag hota hai!

    • Saam
      December 22, 23:52

      Fir is this you?

  17. Saam
    December 21, 15:45 Reply

    Beete lamhe hume jab bhi yaad atte hai

  18. Saam
    December 21, 15:44 Reply

    Dard me bhi ye lab muskurha jate

  19. Dream Frost
    December 21, 11:07 Reply

    Safar Zindagi Ka Bahut Hi Haseen Hai,
    Sabhi Ko Kisi Na Kisi Ki Talash Hai,
    Kisi Ke Pas Manjil Hai To Raah Nahi,
    Aur Kisi Ke Pas Raah Hai To Manjil Nahi.

  20. Dream Frost
    December 21, 11:03 Reply

    Zindagi Usiko Aazmati Hai,
    Jo Har Mod Par Chalna Jaante Hain,
    Kuch Pakar To Har Koi Khush Rehta Hai,
    Par Zindagi Ussi Ki Hai,
    Jo Sabkuch Khokar Bhi Muskurana Jaanta Hai!

  21. Saam
    December 21, 00:26 Reply

    There is no one when I’m online 😔😢

  22. Saam
    December 19, 21:24 Reply

    Yaaar missing you all

    • Saam
      December 19, 23:51

      Do pal do ka khawbo ka karwa aur phir chaldiye tum kaha hum kaha

    • Saam
      December 21, 15:43

      Dard me bhi ye lab muskurha jate hai

  23. Dream Frost
    December 19, 19:12 Reply

    Arre wah!
    Aaj bohot dino baad
    new pg mil gaya!

  24. Dream Frost
    December 19, 19:10 Reply

    Hm Achha hai!
    Atleast kisi ek ko meri
    yaad toh hai!
    Aur us panilover toh
    mujhe completely
    bohl gayi! poor me!

    • Saam
      December 21, 15:47

      Chand lamhat ke waste hi sahi
      Muskura kar mili thi mujhe zindagi

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