Bekaboo 14th May 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 14th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Bekaboo 14th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ranav coming to Bela. He says everyone left for home, come, we will also go, are you listening. He finds her having fever. He says I will go and get a doctor. She says no. She thinks if doctor comes and takes my blood for tests, then they will know I m a fairy. She says don’t call the doctor, I m scared of injections, please no. He says fine. He takes care of her. He says she is shivering, what should I do. He removes his shirt and lies next to her. He hugs her. Tu chaaun hai…. Plays… He uses his powers.

Mandodari gets angry and ruins the forest. She says I m Paatali, I have done a lot, I didn’t get anything in my hand, Shesh Naagin and Paris have defeated me, why did that Pari come, what did she want, did she want us to not achieve anything, yes, she wanted this, once I get that Pari, I will not leave her and tells her that I m Paatali, I never lose to anyone. She thinks I have to find that Pari. Yamini says so you have come back for this, I knew it, your family drama was a show off. Yamini says I know you have come for some motive, are you looking for a special Pari. Mandodari says I will kill her. Bela wakes up and sees Ranav. She says I… He says we… She asks what’s all this. He says everything has happened, wow, what a night, you were with me. She says no, this can’t happen. He says but it happened, look at this, you have kissed me. She cries. He teases her. He says we have got one, why are you crying, when you got my love, is there love or not. She says there is love, but not this way. He says I also have a status and respect, nothing happened between us, it can never happen. She asks what’s this. He shows the lipstick and says I have made this fake marks. She thinks he fooled me. He says it was fake like your love. He wears his kurta. He says you had fever, get up and get ready, we have to leave.

She gets dizzy. She thinks I have to stay careful until I get my powers back. Mandodari says I have come back for Ranav, to protect my family, we are Rakshas, we have to become powerful. Yamini says you want the power, not me, you want to give the power to Ranav, I have acquired what I wanted, I got a Pari, I made Adi marry Mallika, she is a Pari, I know it, she has saved Ranav. Mandodari asks really, why is she still alive, why didn’t you spare her, your sons are like rats. Yamini says they are not like your sons. Mandodari says my sons were tigers, they passed away because of a fairy, is Mallika really a fairy. Yamini says yes, her touch had made the flowers bloom, but later, we didn’t see any fairy powers in her.

Mandodari says you should have taken her tests and found out, I will find out the truth. She thinks if she is really Pari, then I want her. She sees the bangle and says this belongs to the Pari who killed Ashwat, I have to find her, just Ranav can help me in this, we got the Ati astra but someone has stolen it, if Mallika is a fairy, then is she living on earth as a human, who has the Ati astra and what had happened. Ranav and Bela come home. Deepa hugs Bela. Bela says Ranav took care of me. Dadi does her aarti. Mandodari looks on. Bela asks Ranav to be with her. Bela asks the servant about his daughter’s admission. She says she will get admission and also scholarship. Ranav says we will give the money. He signs the cheque and gives it to him. Mandodari thinks Bela is trying to make Ranav a human, she will ruin him and make him weak. Mandodari and Yamini argue. Mallika also gives money to the servant. He refuses to take it. Mandodari says I will find out is Mallika a Pari or not. Yamini asks what will you do. Mandodari lays some live wires on the floor. Yamini says don’t sacrifice my Saas. Mandodari says its Pari’s dharm to save innocent humans. She asks why are you so worried for your Saas. Yamini says I had promised Shekhar on my wedding night. She recalls, Shekhar asking her to promise him, she won’t do anything to her mum. She says okay. Mandodari sees Dadi coming. Mandodari and Yamini hide. Adi gets electrocuted. Dadi and Mallika get shocked seeing him. They rush to get help. Yamini asks Adi didn’t you see the wire, its good you are a Rakshas. Mandodari says your Saas got saved now, I will make an attack in a way that Mallika has to come to save her. Mandodari cooks food. She says I was making kheer for Ranav.

She asks her help. Dadi agrees to help her. Mallika is around. Mandodari asks her to come and help them in kitchen. Mallika says no. Mandodari asks are you a Pari. She scolds her and asks her to come. She makes an excuse and goes. She ignites the fire. Mallika and Dadi get caught in fire. Mallika shouts for help. Yamini sees Shekhar coming and acts worried for his mum. Mandodari stops Shekhar. He says I have to save my mum, leave me. Bela comes and sends Mallika out. Bela and Ranav save Dadi. Mandodari sees Bela in the fire. Bela also faints. Ranav runs to save her.

He swallows all the fire. He asks Bela to get up. Mandodari looks on. Dadi says Bela has saved me today. Ranav asks Bela to open her eyes. Bela gets up and asks where is Dadi. He says Dadi is fine, are you fine. He cares for her. Mallika says I tried to put out the fire and failed. Yamini says I fainted down.

Ranav asks Bela to take rest. They leave. Mandodari thinks it was a trial. Shekhar scolds Yamini. He says you promised me, you will not hurt my mum, you don’t know love. Yamini says listen to me, I didn’t try to kill your mum. He asks why didn’t you stop your mum. She says we were testing Mallika, if she is a Pari or not. She scolds him. Shekhar hugs her and says I truly love you, but your mum… Mandodari comes and argues with Shekhar. Yamini defends Shekhar. Mandodari says Yamini doesn’t love me, I don’t want that, you are a human, its natural that everything in you ended since you married Yamini, one who loves dies one day. He says I want to live with you all. He goes. Bela teases Ranav and jokes. He says its serious, you could have died, you saved Dadi, but risked your life. She says she is my Dadi also, I will save her life, if anything happens to you, I will save you too, I had saved your life. He asks what did you say. She says I mean you were living a bad life, I have filled love in your heart and saved your life. He says I won’t fall in love with you, I m not your husband, I m a devil. She says I have to teach you some love, you have changed and became good, you are smiling. He makes her away. She says your smile is very cute, wear bright colours. He says stop it, you girls are same, you want to change the guy, I will stay the same, mind you, I will never smile. He smiles. She sees him and says you got a smile and dimples also. She laughs. Bekaboo…plays…..

Mandodari attacks Yamini. Bela saves Mallika and uses her fairy powers. Mandodari and Yamini get shocked. Mallika asks are you a fairy. Ranav comes there and sees Bela.

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