Bekaboo 21st May 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 21st May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Bekaboo 21st May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mandodari/Paatali coming in front of Ranav and saying you are my son, Pratham. He says I m Ranav, why are you calling me Pratham. She says I have called my son and you have come. He says you are mistaken. She says no, I have seen you wiping people’s memories, just Pratham had this power, your dad made me away from you, I knew one day my son will come to me, you have come, tell me, why did you hide your identity, no need to hide now, I can see you are alone, your dad and Ashwat left, you are lost in own self, there is no one to understand your pain and get happy for your happiness, why Pratham, come out of this. She says I have come, your mum, tell me, you are Pratham. Ranav shouts yes, I m Pratham. He cries and hugs her.

She says my son has come back. She smiles. She says Ranav died and you took his body, tell me, why did you hide your identity. He asks what could I do, everyone passed away till I came, Yamini took over everything. She says I was in my tapp till I got to know this, it was too late. She recalls seeing Ashwat dead and saying I won’t leave your murderer, who will tell me. She gets a bangle. FB ends. She shows the bangle and says it belongs to the Pari who killed my brother. Ranav shouts no. He gets angry. The place begins to shake. She looks around and smiles. Bela wakes up and asks where did Ranav go at night. She says Pari is our enemy, Rajpari snatched you from me, she has snatched Ati astra and punished you, Paris are so fraud, they cheat us, you fell in love with a Pari and got weak. He says I won’t fall weak now. She says Paris know to make a Rakshas weak. Bela says why do I feel like something bad is going to happen, this storm will change everything. Paatali says I had checked Mallika and Bela and taken her test to find out who is the Pari who killed Ashwat. He asks her to say how to find her. She shows the bangle and says we will find out by using this bangle. Some woman is seen with the same bangle. Ranav says don’t worry, I will find out and punish her, entire Parilok will get shaken up.

Ranav and Paatali come and discuss about the Pari. Bela comes and asks where were you. Paatali says he was with his Dadi, why, do you have any objection. Bela says no, he should have told me. Ranav says sorry. Bela says I was so worried for you, if anything happened to you then… I do care for you. Ranav says stop it, I m fine, don’t worry. They go. Paatali asks what’s between Ranav and Bela, I have seen them in their room, Bela isn’t a Pari, she can’t attract him, they have no husband and wife relation, there is no love, but there is a strong bond between them. Yamini says love can be there.

They discuss about Bela. Shekhar comes. Paatali scolds him. He tells about Naira. Paatali asks is Naira Ranav’s childhood friend. Yamini says yes. Naira says dad, Ranav and his family are coming for dinner. They make arrangements. Someone attacks Naira’s dad. He runs for his life. The attacker kills him. Ranav and everyone come. Naira says dad disappeared, and police got the blood marks. Paatali says come with us to our house. Naira says no, I will wait here. Bela says you stay with us till you get your dad. Ranav smiles. Mallika and Adi see Naira coming with the family. Naira sees the things and recalls the childhood. Mallika taunts her. Bela says it looks good when old friends meet. She asks Naira to come, she will show the guest room. Ranav says you like to keep friendship. Bela says yes. Yamini sees her son seeing Naira and scolds him. She asks him to find a Pari for himself. Yamini thinks Pari will come in my son’s life, not Ranav’s life. Ranav comes there and what’s going on. She says its your wedding night, you give the rights to Bela, she is your wife and loves you, I know you also love her, I have seen it in her eyes. She smiles. Ranav says such a bad acting. He jokes. He says I won’t get trapped by you.

Yamini goes. Bela comes to the room and asks what’s all this. They both have a romantic moment. He jokes. Paatali comes and sends Ranav away. She thinks Bela is clever, I will make Ranav away from her. Its morning, Bela dances. Naira also dances. Everyone comes there and watches their dance competition. Naira falls in Ranav’s arms. Mallika says first Bela was there, and now Naira. Yamini says I have seen your silent war. Paatali says I can break Ranav and Bela’s marriage by using Naira. Naira says so sorry, my leg slipped. Bela recalls Paatali making Naira fall. Naira says sorry, I wanted to dance and forget my sorrow. Paatali asks Ranav to take Naira out and lessen her sorrow. He asks Bela to come. She says no, I need Bela with me for shopping. Everyone comes to watch the movie. Yamini asks Udit to marry a Pari and not use his mind. Paatali asks how did Udit come here. Udit meets Naira and greets. Adi says Mallika, you made me a bodyguard. Mallika says I want to know what she wants. Naira reminds Ranav their childhood. Udit intervenes. Naira holds Ranav’s hand and says she is scared, he used to hold her hand when he used to get scared. He says I have become a Rakshas now, I mean I have changed. Udit flirts with Naira. He spills the drink on her dress. She goes to wash the dress. Ranav says you handle Naira, keep her well, she is a nice girl. Udit agrees. Yamini says bravo Udit. Paatali says he is a fool. Ranav misses to see the lady wearing the bangle. He goes home. He recalls seeing that bangle.

Ranav sees the lady and follows her. Bela says I m a Pari. Paatali is shocked. She attacks Bela. They fight.

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