Belan Wali Bahu 14th March 2018 Written Update

Belan Wali Bahu 14th March 2018 Written Update by Atiba

Belan Wali Bahu 14th March 2018 Written Episode

Scene 1
Roopa comes to Jitendra and shows him pictures of him with family, she says you have made family proud. Jitendra shows him new picture and says whole family is sad in this photo as I was suspended that day. Laddo’s ghost says dont feel so sad. Jitendra says I m useless. Roopa says no. Laddo’s ghost says tell him rickshaw driver’s story. Roopa says one rickshaw driver became airplane pilot, you should take inspiration from that. Jitendra says okay I will drive rickshaw if thats what you want, Roopa says no no.. you know beggar outside mandir earns lakhs. Jitendra says you want me to become beggar, leave me. Laddo’s ghost says come with me, you are calling him beggar. Roopa says you will scold me, I am not going. Jitendra asks Roopa to leave. Roopa jumps from window

and leaves. Jitendra cries and says no one respect me anymore.
Roopa is hiding from Laddo’s ghost, he says you were insulting me and giving examples of beggars? Roopa says I will think something else. He says I will think something, he leaves. Roopa gets a call, she takes it. One goon says listen, Chota Sajan is coming to godown with diamonds, all are coming to bid on them, come there, he ends call. Roopa says he called on wrong number, why he is calling me for Chota Sajan, should I call police.. she says police? Chota Sajan? She gets an idea.

Roopa calls Jitendra from different number, she says in different voice that Chota Sajan is coming to godown with diamonds, if you can catch him then do and save your job and respect, she ends call. Jitendra says I will bring my job back and have respect from Dada, I cant forget Chota Sajan. Jitendra recalls how he got suspended. Flashback shows, once Jitendra was catching chota Sajan. Jitendra catches him but Chota Sajan says that I dont see you as power inspector, if you do race with me and win then I will go with you. Jitendra says okay we will race and I will win to make you believe in my strength. Sajan says you are wearing shoes and I am in slippers. Jitendra takes off his shoes and says now I am barefoot and I will catch you now. Man says your power is in your uniform, if you take it off and then catch, then I will agree with your power. Jitendra takes off his uniform. They start running. Jitendra sees man nowhere in sight. He gets call from inspector, Jitendra says I caught the man, he challenged me for race so I won, he is far behind.. what? he cant fool me, no he is behind, he must be coming to finish line then I will catch him.. no he didnt runaway.. no.. what I am suspended? inspector ends call. Flashback ends. Jitendra says I lost my position because of Chota Sajan and I will get it back by going behind him, I wont spare you Chota Sajan.

Jitendra writes letter and puts it on bed. Jitendra stops Suzzi and says I need your help, you know all have gone to mandir, I need your help but dont tell anyone, she says okay, what is it? Jitendra says I am going to catch Shota Sajan and I knew where he is. Suzzi says call police then. Jitendra says no this fight is between him and me, if I catch him then I will get my job back but you have to help me. She says okay if you get your job back with my help then I will help you. He thanks her and says Chota Sajan I am coming.

Scene 2
Roopa is excited. Laddo’s ghost comes there and says I have got a way back to bring Jitendra’s confidence back, he never caught criminal so if he catches one criminal then he will get confidence back. You know robbery happened in scrap store, tailor did robbery, if you tell Jitendra then he will catch him. Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that I have already given case to Jitendra, I have given him idea to catch Chota Sajan. He will catch Chota Sajan and get his confidence. Laddo’s ghost says what did you do? Chota Sajan is a don, you have put his life in danger. They come to Jitendra’s room and finds letter there. Roopa reads ‘family I have given you pain, its time to get back my respect and uniform, I am going to catch Chota Sajan and if I dont then like Laddo.. I will’ nothing is written after that. Laddo’s ghost says what did you do, he went to Chota Sajan alone.

Jitendra and Suzzi comes near godown. Jitendra says he is hiding in that godown. Suzzi says you cant go there, he knows you face, I will find out security of that place. Suzzi comes near godown. Some goons stop her and asks how are you? she says I am a nurse of animals, I want to meet film star inside, goon says there is no film star inside. Jitendra is looking at her, crow poops over him. Some actor is going in godown. Goon doesnt let Suzzi go inside.
Suzzi comes to Jitendra. She says only big people can go inside. Suzzi says we should do something that we get entry but Chota Sajan doesnt recognize us. Suzzi sees an arabi mand stylish woman going towards godown, Suzzi says I got an idea. They trap them and wear their clothes. They disguise as arabi man and Suzzi as stylish African woman. They come near godown, goon asks from where you are? Suzzi says from Africa. He asks if you people are couple? Suzzi says I am his girlfriend, he wants to buy diamond for me, Jitendra says I will invite you all in wedding. Goon says tell us code word and then go inside. Suzzi recalls how actor said swagg se swagat and then got inside, she says it. He says correct code word. They go inside godown. Its all dark there. Chota Sajan comes there. Jitendra whispers that he is big don but wears slippers. Sajan sits on his throne. Sajan gets a call from his mom and says I will call you later. He shows diamonds and says whole Indian police is searching for these diamonds, its time to sell them. Jitendra says I roam around all world to shop, lets start auction. One man bid 10lacs, he is asked to leave. One man bids 10 crores. Jitendra bids 20 crores. Chota Sajan good, he waits but no one bids more. Chota Sajan says these all diamonds are yours. He gives it to Suzzi. Jitendra asks what if police comes here? Sajan laughs and says they cant come here and even if they come, its impossible to catch me. He gets call from mom and says I ate breakfast, he ends call. One goon says he got foolish inspector Jitendra once, Sajan says I made him run without clothes and police threw him out, they all laugh. Jitendra shouts I was not thrown but suspended. All are stunned.

PRECAP- Jitendra and Suzzi are tied at Chota Sajan’s den. Chota Sajan calls Roopa and says I have kidnapped Suzzi and Jitendra. Roopa says leave them, how much ransom you want? he asks her budget, she says we can give you 5 crore.. Jitendra says no. Roopa says what its less? okay 10 crore. Laddo’s ghost is stunned.
Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that stealing from Dada’s safe feels wrong, he says we have to save his grandson so its not wrong, open it. Roopa puts in password and opens safe..

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