Bepanah Pyaar 10th December 2019 Written Update

Bepanah Pyaar 10th December 2019 Written Update by Pooja

Bepanah Pyaar 10th December 2019 Written Episode

Raghbir recalls all the past times he had seen him with Pragati and fumes. He imagines them together. A song plays in the background. Raghbir picks up the liquor bottles, spills alcohol on the bed and sets it on fire. He gulps down alcohol from the other bottle. This is what you had come here for! Everything is finished now. You have done my last rites!

Nakul notices Raghbir’s room on fire and breaks open the window. He pulls Raghbir to a corner as he calls out to everyone. Raghbir sits there dazed while Devraj and Kunti question him. Nakul throws water on the bed. Kunti reminds Raghbir of his swear. You said you wont drink alcohol! You just had a liver transplant. Why then? he says it is she who is toying with my life. Why did you do this Pragati? It would have been okay if you had done anything else. Why did you do this? Aditi wonders what Pragati did this time. Everyone is worried for him. Kunti leaves.

Raghbir’s words echo in Pragati’s mind. Kunti enters and brings her to Raghbir’s room. See what has happened! Look at Raghbir. You must be thrilled! Celebrate now! This is what you wanted, right? You did everything to break him. I know you are responsible for the party incident. Pragati denies but Kunti continues to blame her. You wanted him to beg you! You wanted him to torture him by refusing to forgive him. You did what you wanted to! You made him Devdas yet again. Don’t forget that his Badi Ma is still alive. What else have you done to him? Answer me. Pragati glares at her. Kunti raises her hand to slap Pragati but she holds it. Everyone is stunned. Sahas looks on. Pragati says talk to me if you want to but don’t raise your hand. I have only held your hand today. Next time I might not be able to stop myself. I am alone here but it doesn’t mean you will do anything to me. It would be better to keep your hands away from me and your volume lower! I don’t care if your beloved son becomes Devdas. He has done my last rites and Chautha long ago with his own hands. Plus, who are you to question me? I am here because I have a right on this house and company. With what right are you here? I have a limit. Don’t test it too much or it will be troublesome for you. This advice is for all of you! It would be better to talk sense to your son rather than talking to me. Sahas gets impressed by her demeanour. Our love story will improve with your increasing hatred towards Raghbir!

Raghbir is sleeping. Pragati brings milk for him. I never thought ill of you. I always tried to turn your hatred into love. Your character certificate about me changed everything today. I wont be able to forget what you did to me today! She leaves the glass on the side table.

Next morning, Raghbir wakes up. He picks the glass of milk but then recalls how Pragati had the habit of giving it to him in the past. He throws it away angrily. Doc tells Nakul to make sure Kunti takes her medicines on time. Raghbir overhears their convo. He rushes to meet Kunti. Kunti tells Harshit to tell Raghbir she has no relation with him as he broke his promise. Raghbir apologizes to him. Harshit asks him when he will think of them instead of his own pain. Ma dint sleep the entire night seeing you in that condition. Raghbir agrees never to drink again. Kunti says you might drink again thought. Only Pragati matters to you. You broke your promise. Raghbir assures her he wont drink ever again. She makes him swear upon her head. you will only think about your family and not Pragati. You will see my dead body if you break your promise now. Raghbir swears upon her. Kunti forgives him (pretends to). Raghbir goes to his room. Pragati is right outside the door and has seen everything. Kunti tells Harshit to bring glycerine bottles for her. It is no harm if I shed fake tears to get Raghbir in my control. Harshit smiles. Pragati vows to bring out their truth in front of Raghbir now.

Raghbir is in office. Sahas drives Pragati to office. He still offers to speak to Raghbir but Pragati tells him against it. He steps out of the car and opens her door for her. He holds her as she trips. Raghbir fumes seeing them thus. He says you’re welcome to her as she apologizes. He reminds her of their college time. She calls him naughty. Sahas smirks. Raghbir thinks she held his hand once but she is so happy with someone else now. How could I be so wrong about her?

Pragati thinks of Kunti and Harshit’s conversation. She glances at Raghbir but looks away when he turns. He drinks coffee to stay away. Pragati feels bad but cannot do anything. He drank too much last night and is drinking coffee now. He wouldn’t have eaten anything. His health will worsen. Peon brings biscuits for her but she suggests him to give it to Raghbir. Peon shares that Raghbir is not eating anything. He is only asking me to bring coffee.

Precap: Pragati finds a cheque of huge amount. I was right about Harshit Bhaiya. She introduces the detective to Raghbir where Harshit is also present. Detective hands them a file with proofs against Harshit. Later, Kunti slaps Harshit. Apologize to Pragati right away!

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