Bepanah Pyaar 15th October 2019 Written Update

Bepanah Pyaar 15th October 2019 Written Update by Pooja

Bepanah Pyaar 15th October 2019 Written Episode

Pragati requests Raghbir to give her a chance. Punish me for doubting you but give me one chance to rectify my mistake. He tells her that he cannot be cheated again. I don’t have any courage left. She refuses to let him go. Think about our love if not me. Listen to me please. He pushes her away. Pragati aka Baani, I don’t know you after today! We share nothing after today. We are two shores of the sea that will never come close. You have seen my Bepanah Pyaar till date. Now you will see my Bepanah Nafrat. I promise you that something might have been amiss in love but my hatred will be up to the mark. I hate Pragati. I hate Baani. I hate you! He walks out from there. Pragati breaks down. Kya Hua Tera Wada plays. She shouts his name repeatedly but he drives away.

Badi Ma slaps Harshit. He

apologizes to her. I tried to strangle her but Raghbir came at the right time. She tells him to stop giving excuses. You cook a story every other time. Pragati is so close to truth. She can ruin our plan! He assures her he wont let it happen. I will do something. He gives her alcohol. Leave everything on me. She gulps down directly from the bottle. No! Now I will do what I have to do. He speaks of a plan but she insists upon ending this story herself. She looks at Raghbir and Baani’s photo. You both stay with each other and protect each other. Now you both wont stay together love birds! Either of you will die now! You both will part ways. I will end Raghbir’s story then! She throws the frame angrily on the floor.
Raghbir thinks of all the past moments with Baani aka Pragati.

Pragati steps out of the hotel sadly. All the memories flash in front of her eyes too. Raghbir loses his balance and falls down. Pragati experiences it and is startled. Raghbir lies down on the ground for a moment. Raghbir’s words echo in Pragati’s head. Raghbir tries to start his bike yet again. Pragati thinks Raghbir was right. She should have died the other day in Manali. I wouldn’t have doubted you otherwise. Will you give me a place in your heart again or not? Raghbir thinks she should have told him if she wanted to play. It is so hard to fall in love again but I did fall for you the second time. How can people live with a broken heart? People may love again but I will never love again! I wont let anyone come close to me if this broken heart cannot be joined again. My love is dead! Pragati is dead and so is Raghbir! Pragati cries as she utters his name.

Badi Ma says neither of them are picking their phones. My heart is sinking. Harshit is impressed by her acting. Nakul assures her they will be back soon. Raghbir enters just then. They realise he is drunk. Badi Ma asks him about Pragati. He walks up to the bar, picks a bottle and talks to it. I am home. You will be fine now. Nakul stops him. Raghbir says the bottle will feel bad. Nakul tells him to let go but Raghbir pushes him. Badi Ma asks him what he is doing. Raghbir is irked. I did whatever you told me but I cannot do it anymore. He counts them. You all are my enemies. Devraj asks him what he is saying. Raghbir says this bottle is my life. You wont understand. you cannot see my tears. How will you understand me then? Gopi asks him why he resumed drinking. Raghbir says I never said I will never drink again. It is my life. What’s the harm? You take medicine when you fall sick. This is my treatment. Badi Ma says it is okay if you think we don’t understand you but Pragati does understand you. How will she feel if she will see you in this condition? The hospital file flashes before Raghbir’s eyes. The one who had to die is no more. It is just me left. Nakul and Badi Ma request him to stop. Why are you drinking? He says a shayari and continues drinking. He breaks the bottle on the floor. Badi Ma asks him what has happened. Raghbir agrees to share. He hits her by mistake. She starts bleeding. Raghbir breaks another bottle on the slab and passes out. Harshit wonders what really has happened. Tell us if Pragati is no more. There cannot be better news for me than this!

Pragati reaches home but it is locked. She realises that her father has gone on a pilgrimage with his friends. She cries. Where should I go now?

Raghbir’s wound has been bandaged. His family asks him what has happened. Priya says Bhabhi’s phone is off. Raghbir is thinking of Pragati. Tears stream down his cheeks. He imagines everything in reverse. Sad song plays in the background.

Pragati walks out sadly. Both Pragati and Raghbir are crying silently.

A few goons are sitting on the roadside. They notice Pragati walking absentmindedly and think to steal from her. They surround her from all the sides. Who are you looking for at this hour? One of them puts knife under her chin. She gives them her jewellery. They ask for her mangalsutra also. She refuses but another guy aims his gun at her. They get distracted noticing a bike coming there. They push her and hide. Pragati starts running when a car almost hits her. The guy looks at her in shock.

Precap: Badi Ma asks Raghbir about Pragati. Where is she? What happened to her? Raghbir says she is dead. Badi Ma smirks.

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