Bepanah Pyaar 20th August 2019 Written Update

Bepanah Pyaar 20th August 2019 Written Update by Pooja

Bepanah Pyaar 20th August 2019 Written Episode

Pragati says Badi Ma told to take care of me and not be my bodyguard. It is your drink time. Go ahead. Raghbir says you used to stop me from drinking and today you are asking me to drink. I don’t drink anything when I am on duty. Pragati feigns a headache and decides to make coffee but he offers to do it instead. She asks him if he knows how to make coffee. Raghbir says I did a 3 year course to make coffee. Pragati asks him why he is doing all this for her. He says it is because I am on duty. Badi Ma told me to look after you so I must. I am not as bad as you think me to be. She looks at him. He advises her to think about it. Thinks how to compliment the one who complemented you! He goes to make coffee. She thinks to give the bag to Papa and prashant asap.

The maid is looking for proofs.

On the other hand, Pragati is headed to her room. She hopes the coffee is not ready before she returns. Raghbir returns to his room but does not see Pragati anywhere. He calls out to her.
The maid finds the bag behind the bed. She is going out when she finds herself facing Pragati. Pragati asks her how she knew she was coming to take this bag. You must have seen them outside. She takes the bag and thanks the maid. The maid leaves. Pragati opens the bag. She browses through the proofs. It is good that I hid the proofs in the room before the show started. They must have Raghbir’s fingerprint. This will be the biggest proof. She closes the bag but does not realise that a bloodied cloth is peeking out of the bag. She turns and finds Raghbir standing at the door. He shouldn’t see the bag. How should I make him avoid seeing it? Raghbir asks her what she is hiding. You think I wont know if you wont tell me? You lied to me! She tries to move but he warns her against it. You are afraid of a roach! He would have died if you had taken any step further. You cannot kill someone just because you are afraid! She shouts as he lifts the roach. She pushes it away. He says he might be on his way to meet his wife. She cooks the same story as he is tries to inch closer. Why did you come to this room? She lies that she came to brush. They argue again. She asks him to give her his world class coffee. He gives her. She takes a sip hurriedly and tells him that her tongue is burnt. He brings water for her. She throws the bag to a corner and sits on the bed. She does not see the bloodied cloth which is still on the bed. He touches the coffee mug and argues that it is cold. She lies that it is hot. They argue over it yet again. He calls her strange. I have never made coffee for anyone before! You find cold coffee hot; brush right before drinking coffee and came here with your bag! Where is the bag? She diverts his mind to coffee.

Prashant decides to check on Pragati. She might be in some danger. Pragati’s father wants to go instead but Prashant teases him by calling him old. He goes inside. He fools the servant and gets inside the house.

Raghbir asks Pragati why she isn’t resting when Badi Ma has told her to rest and take care of herself. She tells him that she likes these kinds of bed. You can sleep on your bed and I will sleep on this one! Raghbir tells her she has a superpower. You can sleep anywhere. The one who can sleep in the car can sleep anywhere! Your Papa only said that good people can sleep anywhere. Don’t lie again. Your ego must be hurt! You said that day that we cannot stay in the same room. She declines but he tells her that they will be in trouble if Badi Ma sees them awake at this hour. He holds her hand asking her to come but she shouts. He jumps in shock thinking there is a roach. Prashant peeks inside the room. She notices him and diverts Raghbir when he turns to look at the door. Prashant hides. Raghbir decides to stay in this very room itself. She thinks to do something so Prashant can take the bag. She tells Raghbir they will go to their room now. He calls her confused. What’s your problem? Now it is my decision that we will stay here. Let me enjoy this coffee. She gives in. She signals Prashant about the bag. He tries to get inside but runs back as Raghbir asks Pragati what she is up to. She makes a lame excuse. He gives her coffee. You will feel better. Prashant fails in getting inside. Raghbir asks Pragati if the coffee is nice. She nods. He decides to make another cup of coffee but she stops him by pulling him back. They share an eye lock. A romantic song plays in the background as their past memories flash in the background. This time Prashant manages to get inside the room. He hides behind the bed. Raghbir asks Pragati what she is up to. You sometimes push me away and sometimes pull me closer. She lies that something fell in her eyes and the very next second says she is fine. Your coffee was average. I make the world’s best coffee. He tells her to prove it. They bicker as usual as they head to the kitchen. Pragati realises that the bloodied cloth is lying in the room. She heads back to the room to pick it but it is missing by then.

The maid tells someone she couldn’t get hold of all the proofs but we have the most important one. I will destroy it so no one doubts us!

Pragati doubts Raghbir. You cannot stop lying but I will make you spill the truth! Start counting your days!

Precap: Raghbir looks at Pragati. She asks him what happened. He replies that she reminded him of someone. She asks him if she reminded him of many girls. He replies that he has only loved one girl till date and it is Baani. She thinks what will he do if she tells him that she is Baani. Will you hug me then?

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