Bepanah Pyaar 22nd November 2019 Written Update

Bepanah Pyaar 22nd November 2019 Written Update by Sona

Bepanah Pyaar 22nd November 2019 Written Episode

Pragati shouts that Raghbir’s importance is that he is her husband, his decision and view might be different but his importance isn’t any less. The client was sorry. Pragati replies he better be, he stands here because of Raghbir today who created this company. She and her husband are like North-South Pole, but they are one. She won’t sign any contract with him as there isn’t any trust. Raghbir comes inside and inquires Pragati why she did all this. Pragati says he deliberately wronged him, but she didn’t. She only wanted to save her self-respect. Everyone in the office laugh at her, but if they say a word against him, she won’t accept it.
Priya and Nakul were irked.
At home, Pragati thinks if Harshit is also wrong like Bari Maa, she won’t be able to prove it. Raghbir doesn’t trust her, nor would anyone else in the house. Raghbir was thinking about his conversation with Pragati. They come across each other. Pragati tries to hold his face, but he jerks her hand away and walks downstairs.
Pragati comes inside. Sahas was losing his balance. Pragati supports him, gives a few sips of water. Sahas tells Pragati he had been treating some infected patients for a few days, maybe he got it also. Pragati notices he had high fever, checks on it and gives him tablet. Sahas holds Pragati’s hand and thanks her, as only she values him in this house. Pragati holds his hand back saying he did a lot for her. Raghbir dislikes this as he watches from outside. Pragati tells Sahas he is like Kishore Kumar for everyone at home, who makes them laugh. Sahas complains that none can see his pain. Pragati helps him get into the bed. Raghbir leaves.
Pragati senses he was present there and follows him to the room. She explains to Raghbir that its not what he has been thinking. Raghbir shouts he would trust what he saw. She killed their relation, and all the moments that were only theirs. He trembles in agony and throws objects around the room. Pragati cries with him, trying to console him and hugs him to calm his rage. Raghbir pushes her away while he breaks the furniture around, his hand bleeding. He only thinks about Pragati with Sahas; and pushes her down on bed while walking outside. Pragati follows him downstairs and goes behind him in the garden with the first aid box.
Blood was dripping Raghbir’s hand. Pragati sits there and silently holds his hand. Raghbir jerks her hand away, warning her not to do it but without words. Pragati requests by holding his finger. She cleans the bruised hand, then applies the bandage. Raghbir pushes the first aid box away and walks into his room, locking the door. Pragati requests outside to listen to her, she isn’t wrong. She sits outside the room door, crying. Raghbir also sits on the other side of the door.

PRECAP: Harshit decides to mix a tablet in Pragati’s dish making her drunk. Raghbir controls Pragati and holds her on his shoulder to the car.

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