Bepanah Pyaar 26th February 2020 Written Update

Bepanah Pyaar 26th February 2020 Written Update by Pooja

Bepanah Pyaar 26th February 2020 Written Episode

Raghbir thinks of his meeting with Pragati and how he was claiming to be his wife. Who is she? Why the hell is she calling me her husband? Strange! Kunti overhears him murmuring about Pragati. he lost his memory yet he keeps thinking of her even now. I must handle this situation. She asks him what he is thinking. He asks her why Pragati was addressing him as her husband. She tells him not to stress about all this. He says doc told me I have partial amnesia. Did I get stuck in marriage? She tells him to hold onto what he remembers. Do whatever you wanted to do after college. Everything will be fine. I have brought food for you. He says I want to eat and rests his head in her lap. She shows fake love. She thinks I wont let you remember anything.

Next morning, Raghbir asks his family who has changed his breakfast menu. I don’t eat all this. Devraj says this is what you eat. The servants know this. Raghbir says you know it atleast. Pragati thinks this is the right time to show him the wedding album as Badi Ma isn’t here. Kunti comes with his favourite breakfast. I take care of your likes and dislikes. How would others know it? He calls her best babe. Pragati thinks he considers your fake love as real. You are a true artist which is why you never let him go out of your control. She wont let me show this album to him at any cost. I must do something to make sure it reaches him directly. Raghbir tells everyone to have a paratha. There is no newspaper either! Shefali offers to bring and read it for him. Pragati keeps photos between the news paper for Raghbir. This will remind your brother of his past. Shefali gives the newspaper to Raghbir. Juice falls from his hand by mistake. He hands over the paper to Kunti. There might be news about me. Pragati and Shefali get tensed. Shefali takes the newspaper from Kunti by making an excuse.

Raghbir comes to meet Pragati. He compliments her room. She says you liked it very much. He says I don’t want to hurt you due to my mental condition. You have a beautiful life ahead. You are so beautiful. You will find a nice guy. Please move on. She says you made this life beautiful. It can be made beautiful again if you will accept me. He reasons he does not remember anything. Try to be in my position. This cannot be one sided love. Please don’t cry. I don’t want to hurt you. Fulfil your ambitions. She walks away teary eyed. Raghbir picks up the folder kept on bed. He looks at her lab reports and their mementos. Pragati returns just then. This is what I wanted to show you. She tells him everything. He closes his eyes for a moment. She asks him if he remembers everything now. He denies. How can I remember everything like this? I have a headache now. Try to understand that I am human. Don’t give me stress. You are pressurizing me with your tears and all this stuff. Don’t trouble me. Just stay away. He leaves.

Kunti asks Raghbir if this is what Pragati told him. He nods. She was showing me reports, gifts and stuff but I don’t remember everything. She says she has told you only half of the truth. She shows photos of Sukanya to him. You were going to marry her but Pragati sat in the mandap in her place instead. She cheated you. She wanted to marry you for your property. He asks her why others are supporting Pragati instead. Kunti calls her magician. She weaved her magic on you and then everyone. Aditi hated her earlier but then she also fell in her trap. I was the only one who kept telling you to throw her out of the house but you were trapped by her already. It is true that truth cannot hide. It is out in front of you today. He asks her what she means. She says right before your accident you had told me that Pragati is having an affair with Sahas. You had decided to divorce Pragati. you don’t back off from your decision upon anyone’s asking once you make up your mind. You don’t even listen to me.

Raghbir calls out to Pragati. Everyone gathers in the living room. He taunts her for her honesty and story a while ago. Did you forget to show me proof of your lies? Kunti smirks seeing them fighting. Raghbir asks Pragati if she knows it is a crime to switch places in someone’s wedding. Pragati admits she sat in Sukanya’s place but he does not let her complete and instead blames her for her affair. I know your truth now! She tells him to trust her. I have only loved you. Malhotra family seconds her but Raghbir refuses. I cannot love a fraud like her! Kunti says they never heard me as well. I told them many times but they dint believe me. I saw them in one room one night with my own eyes but no one believes me here. Aditi calls it misunderstanding. They are friends. Kunti says I saw friends together like that for the first time. Sahas is no more today because of her and even Raghbir lost his memory because of her. Pragati insists Sahas was only her good friend. Kunti requests her not to lie anymore. Sahas is dead already. Raghbir tells Pragati to be ashamed of herself. She nods. I should be ashamed of returning to your life even after dying. Badi Ma tried to separate us so many times yet I came back to be with you. I should be ashamed to be standing here right now even when you said so many bad things to me but I am still here. You don’t even remember me yet I am standing here with a hope that maybe you will! She stops mid sentence. I should be ashamed of myself! Sad music plays. She says I cannot fight alone to prove my love anymore. She leaves.

Precap: Kunti asks Raghbir to sign property papers. Raghbir gladly signs the papers in Badi Ma’s name. He next gives divorce papers to Pragati. He keeps his hand on her head and tells her that he does not love her. Her eyes widen in shock.

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