Bepanah Pyaar 3rd December 2019 Written Update

Bepanah Pyaar 3rd December 2019 Written Update by Pooja

Bepanah Pyaar 3rd December 2019 Written Episode

Anita was tensed as Raghbir calls Shifali’s friends. Pragati brings Shifali home. Raghbir scolds Shifali that she is irresponsible. Everyone inquires Shifali where she had been. Pragati explains to everyone that Shifali had gone with her friends, they came downstairs and apologized for being late. Anita was offended if they couldn’t come upstairs. Pragati says at least she can trust her own daughter.

Pragati was in her room. She notices Raghbir was wandering outside the room, she smiles and opens the door. Raghbir tries to make up, Pragati invites him into her room; she promises she won’t kiss him. Raghbir comes into the room annoyed. He says he wants to say Pragati must never bring Shifali between their differences. Pragati says she would lie to anyone, but not him. She promised Shifali not to tell anyone, but Raghbir must speak to her genuinely. If he keeps on being a Hitler, she won’t open up to him. Raghbir was offensive and asks if Pragati is some Queen Victoria. Pragati laughs that it’s not a bad idea. Sahas stood outside the room and watches Raghbir and Pragati being playful with each other. Pragati tickles Raghbir while he holds her by her waist. Raghbir turns to leave the room. Pragati requests Raghbir to speak to Shifali.

Sahas sat in his room, his hand held over the candle flame. He thinks about Bani and goes into the flashback. Sahas was a nerd in his college, flattered over Bani at first sight. He had come to know her name from her friend. Then once they hit each other and her books had fallen. They had their first introductions when Bani recognized him to be a science student. Later, the librarian was not ready to re-issue a book to Bani. Sahas had come to help Bani as she made her assignment. He had as well written the notes for her. He recalls there Bani had hugged him. In another memory, he blindfolded Bani who was waiting for him for movie. At home, Sahas had practiced saying I love you to Bani. The next memory was, when Bani and he enjoyed a snack on road side. Bani wished to take him to office along as well. Sahas wished to say something to Bani, but right there Raghbir had come to pick Bani up. Sahas watched them hug each other.

Out of flashback, Sahas speaks to Raghbir’s photo and says he snatched the one for whom he could even kill Raghbir.

In the flashback, Sahas unlocked his house where the wall was full of Bani’s photos. He recalls he had been giving himself pain since the times he lost her. He marked a B on his arm with burning candle wax. He recalls when Bani came to tell him about her wedding and invited him. Bani hugged Sahas as she didn’t believe this was happening. He recalls cutting his nerves on the wrist. His friends had taken him to hospital and convinced Sahas that Bani was marrying. Sahas speaks to the stroller and wonders why Bani never recognizes his love. Its said one must let go of the one you love, and he let go of her with Raghbir. But she returned to him, and now he can do anything to get her. Late at night, someone enters Pragati’s room while she was asleep. It was Sahas who silently bends over her.

PRECAP: Sahas tries to take Pragati but she apologizes as its an important deal in office.

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