Bepannaah 16th November 2018 Written Update

Bepannaah 16th November 2018 Written Update by Sutapasima

Bepannaah 16th November 2018 Written Episode

The episode begins with Zoya assuring Arjun that the worst is over now they have to take care of the family. Zoya gets a phone call that Adi was in bad shape at the city bar. She rushes to get back Adi with Arjun from the bar.

Naani is seen planning her next move with Rajveer they keep it secret from Zoya to take her by surprise. Drunk aggressive Adi is seen being thrown out by the bar bouncers. The bouncer rudely hands over Adi to Zoya n Arjun.

At hooda house, Harsh is pondering over Raj n Adi’s words, Adi’s anger and Anjana’s hurt. Harsh remembers the words of Adi as he accused his dad n how harsh had slapped Adi. Harsh regrets it.
He accepts his mistake n he decides to bring the two brothers together..they both were his sons. Harsh recollects Anjana reminding

him of her favours.
Adi arrives home and Naani and Raj are disturbed by the racket created by him in drunk state. Even the servants are disturbed. They know it had to be Adi. Harsh comes to check but finds no one. Adi pulls out a fruit knife.. He angrily goes towards Harsh who is in his study. Adi is drunk and staggers on the stairs.

Arjun and Zoya follow Adi. They look for Adi everywhere. Zoya n Arjun rush upstairs and are shocked to find Harsh sprawled on the floor. They find him bleeding profusely with numerous stab wounds on the chest n abdomen. Zoya screams with fright. Arjun weeps as he finds his dad unresponsive. The servants arrive there n are shocked too. Zoya supports heart broken Arjun. Rajveer is shocked to see all this. Naani is very shocked. They all notice Adi sprawled out on the chair in drunk state with bloodied knife. All assume Adi had murdered Harsh. Naani accuses Adi of killing his own dad.. Arjun is broken. Naani accuses Adi, snatches Raj’s dad away from him. Naani orders the servants to call police. Arjun is broken and Naani tells Arjun that it was Adi who killed his dad but Zoya asks Arjun to trust his elder bro that he could never kill any one.

Naani warns Zoya not to try to tamper with evidences. Zoya tries to wake up Adi but he is unresponsive. Naani takes pictures of Harsh n Adi n the bleeding knife. Zoya tries to wake up Adi, but in vain. Finally Adi opens his eyes. He is shocked to see himself holding a bloodied knife. He is shocked to see his father bleeding n dead. Adi weeps for his dad.

Next scene police arrive n collect evidences n photos, Naani tells police of kalyug that son killed father. She offers police her pictures. Zoya tries to support Adi but he is unresponsive. Police assure of investigation.

Police asks for Anjana harshvardhan. Arjun tries to send his mom away as she was under medication. He urges mom to take rest n not bother. Anjana soon reaches study n is shocked to find him no more. Anjana starts wailing loudly…

Soon Anjana finds out that Adi had blood on his hands. Naani accuses Anjana of giving bad upbringing to her son. Her own son had murdered her husband. Naani says Anjana was so proud of her son now look what he did. Adi looks confused n in shock.

Anjana is in disbelief.

Precap: Police asks Zoya to get whatever proofs or evidences she had, otherwise her husband Adi was going to get life sentence. Zoya enters cell where Adi is seen sitting depressed.

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