Bepannaah 19th November 2018 Written Update

Bepannaah 19th November 2018 Written Update by Pooja

Bepannaah 19th November 2018 Written Episode

Anjana lets go of Aditya’s hand. He tries to hold it again but she tells him not to touch her. Zoya blames Nani and Rajvir for Harsh’s condition. Aditya dint do anything. He was angry but he cannot kill anyone! These people have come to seek revenge. I know them too well. Nani tells Zoya to stop now. Why will either of us kill Harsh? We wanted to meet him since years. My grandson has yearned to meet his father. Why would we kill him when we had finally united with him? Aditya only has killed his father! He couldn’t accept it that Harsh will share his love and property with Rajvir too so he killed Harsh. Zoya speaks against them. They have come here only to seek revenge. Rajvir has been absconding from jail. They tried doing so in the past too. Harsh might have been his father but they hate him.
Aditya dint do anything. She asks Aditya to stay something but he is too stunned to react. Inspector says you don’t know the complete truth. Rajvir became a state witness of some act because of which Govt could track down sleeper cells. There is no case against him anymore. He might not have killed anyone in the past but there is surely a murder in the house. This time, all the evidences are pointing against Aditya. Find a good lawyer if you want to prove him innocent! Prima facie evidence is against him. Zoya requests Aditya to say something. Nani rues that the best lawyer of the city is no more. How will Zoya save her husband now? Anjana looks at Aditya. Police arrests Aditya. Zoya requests Arjun to stop police. She keeps shouting for help but no one reacts. Anjana stands up and looks at Aditya. He looks at his bloodied palm. Anjana asks him if he did all this. Be honest. Aditya silence angers her and she ends up slapping him. Rajvir and Nani are pleased.

Anjana says you kept saying that you love me but it cannot be true. You snatched my pride, my love, my Harsh from me! I will never forgive you. You should be punished for your misdeed! What did you get by this? He calls her Ma but she warns him not to call her Ma ever again. I am disgusted by you! Are you at peace after killing your father? Arjun requests her to calm down. She breaks down. Zoya again stops police and requests Arjun to trust her. Aditya is innocent. Arjun replies that he has lost trust from trust. Dad was like a God to me but it turned out that even Gods make mistakes. I thought my brother never made a mistake but look at his hand! Who should I trust? Why is he quiet if he is innocent? Why isn’t he saying anything? He is listening to everything quietly! There is only one truth in my life – my Ma! She is completely broken right now. Let me take care of my remaining family now. Police takes Aditya with them. Arjun also takes Anjana with him. Zoya too is going after them when Nani remarks that Harsh had committed so many sins. He had to be punished and he got his dues! Son killed his father. Zoya tells her to stop her acting. It wont work in front of me. I agree that Papa made mistakes but he was a human. She tells Rajvir she pities him. You got a chance in life but you ended up killing your father. You became an orphan in the true sense today! You think you won but it is your biggest defeat! I swear on my husband, I will bring your truth in front of the world! I will unite this family once again. I will bring Aditya back in this house! She heads downstairs. Rajvir and Nani laugh at Harsh’s dead body.

Zoya is at the police station. She tries convincing Inspector. You can check CCTV footage. He advises her to whatsapp all the ideas she can think of for investigation. I will simply follow them. She insists that Aditya is innocent. He suggests her to hire a lawyer. There is no point talking to me here. I feel it is impossible for him to get bail. Everyone saw him threatening to kill his father live! She calls it Rajvir and Nani’s plan but he asks for proof. Spend the remaining time with your husband. He will certainly get jail imprisonment. Don’t know if he will ever step out of the jail or not! She looks at Aditya.

Nani asks Rajvir if he is mourning the death of his father by drinking. Don’t be under any misunderstanding. It all happened for good only. Maybe God also wanted Harsh to go to jail. Aditya should be in jail while Anjana should be in asylum. Zoya should be out of the house. You can employ Arjun as your gardener if you want! You will the sole owner of this house then! Rajvir says I waited so long and got all this in return. You have to lose something to gain something. I too made a sacrifice. He excuses himself to finish some incomplete tasks.

Doc tells Arjun that Anjana is sleeping due to sedatives. Her mental state is unstable. We have to make sure she does not do anything wrong. We will have to shift her to medical facility if there is no improvement in her. Call me in case of any emergency. He nods and thanks him. Doc leaves. Arjun sits beside his mother.

Zoya is asked to leave. You have very less time. She looks at Aditya sadly. I should be strong for Aditya if not for myself! She walks up to his cell. Constable lets her inside. Aditya is sitting silently on the floor. She holds him. He mumbles that he destroyed everything. She denies. You dint do anything! You trust me right? I know you better than you. You aren’t at fault. He speaks of the knife and blood in his hands! Ma said so much to me. She reasons that Ma is in shock. You cannot do any of it. Rajvir is behind it. He asks her why he will do so. Pa accepted him already. I don’t remember anything. I don’t trust myself, my anger. I can do anything when I am angry. I ruined everything. How will I face Ma? She holds him tight as he cries. I should be punished. I finished everything! She requests him not to say so. You dint do anything. They both are crying badly.

Wasim calls Roshnaq and wakes Noor. He asks them if they know what happened at Hooda House. Noor fears that he might have known about Rajvir. Roshnaq says we saw the video but I don’t think we should be paying any heed to it. Wasim tells them that there is a news telecast of Harshwardhan Hooda. Aditya has been labelled as his killer! Roshnaq and Noor are stunned.

Inspector is puzzled to see Zoya still at the police station. Zoya’s lawyer enters. We can get parole for some time after which Aditya will be sent to jail again. Aditya refuses to go outside. I am criminal. Lock me again. Zoya tells him he hasn’t done anything. You are innocent. You trust me right? I am with you. I will prove your innocence. You will have to come with me now. These are some last moments of Papa. You wont be able to forgive yourself ever if you don’t go now. I am with you. He nods.

Precap: Everyone bids adieu to Harsh. Police takes Aditya away. Zoya trips while chasing the jeep but Rajvir holds her in time. Rajvir tells her that Aditya is innocent. He dint kill Aditya. She asks him what he wants. He takes her name.

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