Bepannaah 22nd November 2018 Written Update

Bepannaah 22nd November 2018 Written Update by Pooja

Bepannaah 22nd November 2018 Written Episode

Rajvir tells Zoya that he knows she is compelled to do all this but she should give some nice expressions. Atleast don’t ruin my mood. He takes out a lipstick and applies it on her lips and around them. She pushes his hand away but he tells her she is looking beautiful. She cries.

Nani tells Aditya not to delay anymore. Hope my Rajvir wont like Zoya too much and you will then lose her for forever. Aditya runs out. Nani pities him. Don’t know if he will be able to save his ZOya or not.

Rajvir sprinkles rose petals all over zoya.

Aditya requests Inspector to let him speak to Zoya. Inspector allows him.

Aditya calls Zoya. She is about to pick it but Rajvir puts the phone far away from her.

Nani pats at Aditya’s shoulder. He begs her to tell him where Zoya is.

She asks him if he will follow her words then she will help him. She gives him a phone. Just follow the location. I will then tell you where she is. He requests her not to play such games. Tell me honestly please. She again tells him not to be late. Hope my Rajvir wont fall completely for her. He runs.
Rajvir leans closer to Zoya’s hair. What are you thinking Zoya?

Aditya is following the location on foot.

Rajvir pushes Zoya on the floor. He shows her handcuffs. Do you know what it is? It is both fun and punishment.

Aditya enters in the wrong house. He runs outside as soon as he realises it.

Zoya’s hands are tied to a bed. Rajvir leans over her. She is able to take her hands out. He tells her she can leave now. I have played as much as I wanted to with you. She sits up asking for proof. He holds her from behind. Why do you need proof? Aditya will come out. They look up and see Aditya standing at the door. She is surprised to see him. Aditya pulls at Rajvir’s collar. Zoya tries stopping him but he insists. Rajvir says I snatched this girl from you. You loved her immensely right. I got her now. Zoya tells him that nothing happened between them. Rajvir nods. We were only talking to each other entire night by looking in each other’s eyes. He leaves them there.

Aditya looks at the bed. You made a deal with Rajvir for entire night to save me right? Just say yes or not. She nods. I had no other option. He calls her a cheater. He asks her why she dint tell him once. She speaks of his condition but he says I was atleast breathing in that condition. How to live now?> How to look at you now? You used your body to cheat me? She tells him she did that to save him. He says it would have been better if he would have died instead of seeing this. How can you stoop so low? She says I dint do anything. Even if I did it like you say, I did it for your sake only. I was ready tos sacrifice my body, my dignity for your sake. You will still blame me? He nods. She is angry that he needs proof to determine if she is pious or not. You believe that Ravan and want me to give Agni Pariksha? This Sita wont give any Agni Pariksha as you are not Ram! I cannot believe it that you are one of those men who think that a woman’s body is her true dignity. I will never trust you again. We share nothing from here on! You can stay alone with your fake fame and pride Mr. Aditya Hooda! She walks out of the room. Aditya sits on the bed disturbed.

Next morning, Aditya comes home. Nani is drinking happily. She welcomes him home. I am not feeling happy for you. So much happened at once. Father died. Brother left the house and mother became mad! Your support has also left you. I wonder how you are still standing strong on your feet. If it was someone else in your place then he would have died. Either you are strong or shameless. Aditya tries to walk away but she does not let him. You and Zoya have played games with me and Raj. Are you done now? She calls out to Rajvir in between. She asks him to have a drink. He begins to walk away again but Rajvir asks him to stop. Why are you hiding your face? Aditya attacks him. Anjana begins to descend the stairs but trips. She hurts herself badly. Aditya rushes to her side. He shouts at the servants for help but no one comes. Nani and Rajvir are happy to see it. Nani suggests celebrating now as they have achieved their mission. They wave at Aditya as they leave. Aditya keeps calling out to the servants.


Aditya keeps covering his face using a cushion. Zoya asks him to wakeup. He asks her to wake him nicely. She smiles. She leans closer and he hugs her. She asks him if he loves his sleep more than her. He denies. I cannot stop dreaming about you since I have fallen in love with you. They share some cute romantic moments. She walks away teasing him. Aditya sits up and calls out to Zoya. He starts looking for her. Come back or I wont spare you. It is too late. He comes downstairs and opens another room. He stops in his tracks seeing Zoya hugging Rajvir. Zoya remarks that it is indeed too late. You found me yet you lost me for forever. Zoya smiles at Rajvir as they part. Alarm starts ringing. Aditya wakes up shouting against it and realises it was his dream. It is 4 am. Aditya gets ready and heads out for a walk. A guy offers him flowers. He recalls his meeting with Zoya after returning from Paris and walks away. Every corner reminds him of the time spent with Zoya in the past. Her promises echo in his head. He shakes himself out of it.

Anjana is shouting at the nurse. She blames nurse for trying to drive her mad. Let Harsh come. I will see you then. Nurse tries to calm her down but in vain. Anjana raises her hand to hit her but Aditya holds it in time. She cries that Harsh isn’t here. He assures her he will come soon. She tells him that he keeps saying it but he has not come till now. Call him soon please. Nurse gives her an injection. Aditya holds her sadly.

Precap: Zoya is in a cab. Noor tells Aditya that they are going to Mussorie for forever. Aditya calls Shreya (his assistant). He tells her that the delegates are coming. Look after them till the time I come. I will reach in 15. He ends the call. She looks at her phone and says I will do that but you can also someday respond to good morning or hi.

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