Bepannaah 23rd November 2018 Written Update

Bepannaah 23rd November 2018 Written Update by Pooja

Bepannaah 23rd November 2018 Written Episode

Aditya tells Mr. Mehra not to worry. Deal will be finalized today. I will be there personally. Nurse comes running towards him. She tells him that she wont be able to handle his mother anymore. She shows her scratches to him. My career will be over if I am hurt anywhere else. He ends the call and ends up scolding her badly. Why do you get paid? I pay you double than market as you are equipped to handle such situations. Leave if you cannot handle it anymore! She leaves sadly. He throws the phone on the floor thereby breaking it. The servants count the number of the phones he has broken. He speaks to Dr. Gautam using another phone. Dr. Gautam tells him that Anjana will be well taken care of in hospital by many nurses at once. Aditya refuses to send her anywhere. My mother isn’t mad. Dr. Gautam gives

in. Hope you are coming today for check-up. Aditya nods. You have to find a better nurse for me. Doc asks for few days time to arrange one. Leave your mother in hospital till then. Aditya agrees.
Aditya comes to his room. He thinks of Zoya and their past moments together. He gets emotional recalling the vows they gave to each other. He recalls Noor telling him that they are going to Mussorie for forever. Zoya leaves with her family for Mussorie. Aditya requests Arjun not to leave him alone but Arjun shares that he lost himself and everything by taking care of everyone. I fulfilled your responsibilities towards this house but it is my turn to leave now. You left us once. I am going to do the same. It is your turn to handle this family now. Family is no more but take care of once. You couldn’t fulfil the responsibility of being the elder son of this house. Atleast pay off the burden of being my elder brother. I can ask you this much. He leaves.

Doc tells Aditya his mother is losing mental stability day by day. I wont be able to comment as to when she will be fine. Aditya checks at police station but no one has a clue about Rajvir and Nani. Inspector assures him they will try their best to find them. Aditya tells him that he wants them. Don’t just try. Find them. Inspector agrees. Flashbacks ends.

Aditya calls Shreya (his assistant). He tells her that the delegates are coming. Look after them till the time I come. I will reach in 15. He ends the call. She looks at her phone and says I will do that but you can also someday respond to my good morning or hi. I would have resigned on phone long ago if he wasn’t cute! I can wait for you to turn soft. You are just a tough person from the outside. I am sure it is the other way round from inside. Peon coughs to distract her. She keeps getting lost seeing Aditya’s photo but he keeps coughing to shake her out of her reverie. She finally heads inside. Peon remarks that she does not realise that she has no connection with Aditya.

Aditya has brought Anjana to hospital. She complains of regular injections which are given to her nowadays. Harsh and Arjun do not come to meet me at all. He assures her they will come soon. Doc assures Aditya that he should leave Anjana here till they find a nurse for her. I will look after her till then. Aditya leaves her in the hospital with a heavy heart. Anjana starts shouting after him but doc and nurses calm her somehow.

Roshnaq is caressing a photo. Noor hugs her from behind. I am going for sometime only. Don’t be so happy. I wont leave you so easily. Why do you seem so sad? I am going to work there only. Roshnaq says you will realise my pain when you will have your own kids. Noor says I am done seeing your and Abbu’s condition. I don’t wish to do this. Roshnaq says kids happen by God’s grace. Stop talking nonsense. Check the list to see if you have kept everything or not. Noor points out that she forgot to keep medicines. Roshnaq asks her how she will look after herself in a city like Delhi. Noor tells her to relax. I know I am not perfect like Appi but I will manage. Roshnaq suggests her to spend some time with her Abbu. He is sad since he found out about your job. He thinks neither of his daughters will be at home now. Noor goes.

Staff members tease Shreya for coming early to the office and going late. Shreya says I only want to reduce Adi Sir’s workload. Shreya knows they are jealous as she is his favourite. I don’t care about what you think though. Peon announces that Sadu is here. Shreya wishes Aditya good morning. He asks her how many times she will wish him good morning in a day. Are the clients here? Where is the presentation saved? She has no clue to the last question. He ends up scolding her in front of everyone. Does anyone know where the presentation is saved? He walks inside the meeting room. Shreya’s colleagues tell her it is ok. His mood is always bitter and he is always in a rush. Shreya takes his side and ends up taunting them only.

Mili is checking her phone. A guy offers to drop her but she tells him she will leave once the meeting is over. I will take a cab. He leaves. Mili orders Chinese food for Aditya. Her colleague reminds her that she isn’t Aditya’s wife but PA. Will you feed it to him too? She tells her she does not mind. She receives a call and runs towards the meeting room.

Aditya tells the client he will make sure nothing goes wrong. The guy tells him that he earlier had a doubt when he took over his Dad’s firm but now he isn’t. You have become the best. Mili comes to inform Aditya that Anjana has ran away from the hospital.

Precap: Doc tells Aditya to go home and relax. We will find a good nurse for your mother. Aditya tells him it is ok. There is no one at home anyways. My home is where my mother is. He lies down on the chairs outside the ward and covers himself with a dupatta. A girl walks up to him and picks up that dupatta. Aditya sits up and looks at her as she walks away.

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