Bepannaah 26th March 2018 Written Update

Bepannaah 26th March 2018 Written Update by pooja

Bepannaah 26th March 2018 Written Episode

Wasim stops Zoya. Is this your last decision? You would want to stay in a strange city away from your family? She replies that she cannot run from her responsibility. Everyone here is blaming me that Yash’s company is in this condition because of me! If it’s true then it is my responsibility to take his company to new heights. Wasim reminds her she hasn’t worked anywhere till date and she is thinking of managing Yash’s business now. She tells him she wants to try. I know I have no experience. I maybe don’t even know how to manage a business but I want to try for Yash’s sake. Wasim tells her she is committing the same mistake. You are again choosing Yash over your father even when he chose someone else. She says nothing has been proven till now. I know my Yash. He could not do anything like

that. Wasim says when the world says one thing and your heart tells you something else then you must trust the world. You can stay here if you want but you must face the truth one day. You will be all alone that day. She keeps his hand over her head. I needed your blessing when I decided to marry. I need your blessing today too in this decision. He prays that she is able to realise what she is getting into.
Mr. Huda tells someone to look carefully. It has to be there if it isn’t here. His wife offers him tea. Who were you talking to? Mr. Huda takes Kapoor’s name but his wife knows he is lying. She tells him only he can answer why he is lying today and why he lied yesterday. The only difference is that I can figure it out these days. He asks her why she dint catch her beloved DIL’s lie then. You dint find out anything! You keep your focus on me. If you had focused a bit on the house too then this wouldn’t have happened. She reminds him that Sakshi is Pooja’s mom. How could I know it when Sakshi dint even know about her own daughter? There is no sound when heart breaks. I know how difficult it is when that happens. Pooja broke Aditya’s heart. He had already lost faith in relations because of and now this! I cannot forgive Pooja ever. He advises her to give time some time but she denies. I cannot hug him or speak to him. I am such a helpless mother. I don’t know when he is home and when he is not! I don’t even know if he is coming home or not! They notice Sakshi there and go quiet.

Aditya is stetting on the side of a highway. He recalls his conversation with Zoya at the airport as he drinks from his flask. He gets a call but does not pick it.

Zoya tries to guide the driver on the basis of GPS location but fails. She asks a passerby about the location. She notices a guy in hoodie sitting in a corner and runs to save him thinking he is going to commit suicide. Aditya looks at her in disbelief. Are you Mother Teresa to save me? You cannot see what your husband did but you keep coming in my way to remind me how your husband and my wife messed our lives! She apologizes to him. he asks her why she dint save her husband from ruining his life instead. Why dint you stop him from having an affair with my wife? Why dint you stop him from sitting in that car? Forget about me, why dint you save yourself? Why do you keep coming before me? This is the last time we are meeting. I don’t want to meet you ever again! He begins to cross the road but Zoya notices the vehicle coming from the other end and pulls him to safety. Zoya lets go of him. Maybe I have come to save you only! I don’t know why I have come here. There is something for sure though or Allah wouldn’t have sent me here to save your life! We may want it or not, we may accept it or not but our destinies are joined. Maybe this is why we keep meeting again and again! She leaves in her taxi. Aditya thinks of their meetings. He goes in opposite direction.

Mrs. Huda apologizes to Sakshi. I dint know you were there. Sakshi apologizes to her instead. You were right. Who could have done something when I couldn’t stop my daughter? Mrs. Huda stops her from going anywhere. Sakshi requests her to let her go but Mrs. Huda refuses. My son is in this condition today because of Pooja. Only you can stop him. I couldn’t do anything yesterday but you could and you still can. Right now, I am just a selfish mother who cannot see her son in pain. I am jealous of you. My own son loves you more than me. he shares everything, even his pain or happiness, with me. He never got out of whatever happened between Harsh and me! Then you and Pooja came in his life. He finds his lost peace in you both somewhere. When he was insisting that you come here and stay with us, I saw the happiness in his eyes that I was yearning to see. I dint let either of you realise what I am going through. Now it is your turn. You must stay here and handle everything including Aditya like I did. You will have to bear the burden of Pooja’s mistakes like I am bearing the burden of my husband’s mistakes till date!

Zoya rings the doorbell of Arora House when guard greets her. Aunty ji and Mahi Didi aren’t home. Did they not tell you anything? He asks her if they gave her a key. She shakes her head. He opens the lock with the extra key that he has.

Harsh meets someone (a lawyer) at night. He gives him an envelope. The guy agrees to do his work.

Zoya comes inside the house and cries looking at Yash’s photo. Title track plays in the background. She thinks of their past moments. She comes in Yash’s room. Her father’s words echo in her head. I told you Abbu that this is a trap against Yash. I did not find anything against him till now! She collides with a laundry bin. Yash’s shirt falls down and it has a lipstick mark. She thinks of what Aditya had said to her earlier.

Flashback shows Zoya gifting a white shirt to Zoya. He tells her he already has 20 white shirts. She jokes that it is easier to find lipstick marks on a white shirt. He asks her if she is spying on him this way. She denies. I trust you more than I trust myself. She kisses on the collar. I will always be with you this way. You are just mine.

Zoya apologizes to Yash. Even if it was for a second, I doubted you! I am sorry!

Mahi comes home and finds the lights on. She tells her mom she will call her back. She calls out if there is someone. Zoya keeps Yash’s photo and a few items in her bag before Mahi comes. Mahi does not find anyone in the room. The window shakes because of window. Mahi looks out but does not see anyone. She closes it and goes. Zoya is standing in a corner.

Arjun says the phone is switched off. It was atleast ringing earlier. Aditya enters whistling. Arjun asks him how his day was. Aditya whistles again. arjun asks him about his phone. Aditya asks him if he is his younger brother or elder brother. I was in a flight so it was bound to be switched off. Arjun asks him about his flight. Aditya starts lying but then knows that they know everything already. Why are you asking? Did my boss mail you my failure certificate? Laminate it and hang it on the wall. Arjun says I told you not to fly today. Pooja Bhabhi has just left us. Why don’t you take a break? Aditya tells him he cannot fly for the next 6 months after what happened today. Will this be enough to throw your Bhabhi out of my mind and heart? Arjun says I know you might not be able to forget her for a few months or years but you should try. You must accept that whatever happened wasn’t right. Aditya gets miffed. You guys want me to cry before you so you can show pity on me? Arjun denies but Aditya is in no mood to listen. You all want to mock me that I am good for nothing. I am a failure as a husband! Pooja made a drama of me and you are clapping here! You wont find any drama here as I have nothing in my heart for Pooja anymore! She is nothing to me! He looks up and notices Sakshi. Aditya leaves. Mr. Huda tells Arjun to leave Aditya alone. Arjun advises him to talk to him next time then and call him too. I cannot see it anymore as you know I cannot see him like this.

Zoya is on the roads. Aditya is driving fast thinking about Pooja, her words and her accident. he imagines Pooja telling him to drive slowly. He looks at the passenger seat in shock / confusion. This isn’t a plane. Aditya imagines Yash reassuring Pooja that nothing will happen to her. I am with you, don’t worry. Aditya accelerates the car all the more thinking about the same. Zoya is right in front of the car. She is suddenly blinded by the light and looks at the approaching car in shock.

Precap: Aditya says there is a lot of anger in me. I want to question her, hurt her the same way and question her as to why he did so! He breaks into Arora House and throws Yash’s photo on the floor. Police arrests Aditya.

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  1. Aadvika
    March 26, 12:55 Reply

    Ammov.. Its a pretty good episode..

    What Mr.Huda is hiding from all..?
    It must be something.. fishy..
    & Why Pooja’s mom became so silent??

    Its easy to guess Mr.Huda had an extra affair thats why Adi is hating him!
    Hmmm.. What else we can expect from Maya’ baby’s father!!!
    But he is doing his role in a good way.. 🙂

    Oops! Oops! Zoya met again Adi & he is getting angry again & again..
    Poor girl..
    Adi’s every words is.. 😐

    & Adi’s conversation with Arjun..
    Are you younger brother or elder brother to me 😀
    & as like I have guessed, he got suspended for 6 months from his job!
    Thats good…

    Zoya got a dairy from Yash’s room! It was same like Pooja’s dairy?!!!!
    Thank God.. She escaped from Mahi..

    &again.. phir se..! 😯
    Poor girl.. again going to face Adi.. 😡

    Adi got arrested..

  2. Aadvika
    March 26, 12:26 Reply

    Wow.. Pooja dear quick update 😉

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